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How to use metadb_display_field_provider

Hi, all
I want to add a new virtual field.
And, such logic was written.
Code: [Select]
class myclass : public metadb_display_field_provider{
    virtual t_uint32 get_field_count(){
        return 1;
    virtual void get_field_name(t_uint32 index, pfc::string_base & out){
        out = "TEST";
    virtual bool process_field(t_uint32 index, metadb_handle * handle, titleformat_text_out * out){
        // test (Time-consuming processing)
        file_info_impl info;
            pfc::string8 temp;
            out->write( titleformat_inputtypes::meta, temp);
            return true;
        return false;

static service_factory_single_t<myclass> foo;

However, trouble is found.

Default UI:
First of all, 300 items are added to the playlist.
Next, the %TEST% field is added to Playlist view.
It sorts it with %TEST%.
sorted broken or freezing foobar2000.

Have it made a mistake in any ways?

How to use metadb_display_field_provider

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Yes. Your mistake comes from not reading the documentation.

How to use metadb_display_field_provider

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[font= "Courier New"]/*!
        Implementing this service lets you provide your own title-formatting fields that are parsed globally with each call to metadb_handle::format_title methods. \n
        This should be implemented only where absolutely necessary, for safety and performance reasons. Any expensive operations inside the process_field() method may severely damage performance of affected title-formatting calls. \n
        You must NEVER make any other foobar2000 API calls from inside process_field, other than possibly querying information from the passed metadb_handle pointer; you should read your own implementation-specific private data and return as soon as possible. You must not make any assumptions about calling context (threading etc). \n
        It is guaranteed that process_field() is called only inside a metadb lock scope so you can safely call "locked" metadb_handle methods on the metadb_handle pointer you get. You must not lock metadb by yourself inside process_field() - while it is always called from inside a metadb lock scope, it may be called from another thread than the one maintaining the lock because of multi-CPU optimizations active. \n
Full-quoting makes you scroll past the same junk over and over.

How to use metadb_display_field_provider

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Thanks guys.
My understanding was insufficient.