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Topic: [Request] Query-based presets (not autoplaylists) (Read 2425 times) previous topic - next topic

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[Request] Query-based presets (not autoplaylists)
Autoplaylists are great, but sometimes I find them a little annoying, ie. if I want to rate all unrated tracks: If I accidentially rates a song wrong and want to undo it.

The solution of this (and probably many other scenarios) could be a list of pre-defined querys that create a static list, just like "Library Search" does today. I know the default answer to this would be "What's the big problem just typing RATING MISSING in the Library Search?". My answer: I have created long and very useful filters for many of my Autoplaylists that filters out much of the tracks in my library that are unnessesary in most playlists (ie. xmas music, extremely large club mixes, interludes etc.)
Can't wait for a HD-AAC encoder :P

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[Request] Query-based presets (not autoplaylists)
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Yeah, I feel your pain.
I've suggested something similar for sort boxes before.

Title formatting, sort strings, and queries all need a way to be more reusable.