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Musepack SV8 Final

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in_mpc_0.99g don't work.

I'll tinker with a new plugin if I can find the time (which unfortunately is in short supply)

Would you, please?
I would be really happy to see chapter support in your plugin. I found this new feature quite useful. Of course, one can use cuesheets, however I'd prefer one-file solution. It could be even possible to embed cuesheets in APE tags, but I haven't tried if it works with Musepack. Plus, it is too easy to remove the tags by accident.

Musepack SV8 Final

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never thought i'd see the day.. many thanks to all involved in the development!


Musepack SV8 Final

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The official package for windows has been updated:
- mpcgain.exe was fixed to prevent corruption which could be caused in certain cases and to allow wildcards.
- mpccut.exe is now more resilient to errors and can cut broken files.


Musepack SV8 Final

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Any news regarding Rockbox support?

Musepack SV8 Final

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There is no news. The ball is not in our court
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Musepack SV8 Final

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Any news regarding Rockbox support?

As of today SV8 is in the "current" (auto built SVN) builds and will be in the next supported (3.6) release.
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