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Sv8 Frontend.. Mpcgain..
Using the compile from the 64bit thread below, the 32bit link. I have been using mpc since it was born. Wish to keep using it, and looked into the latest, thinking sv8 may be the way to go. Have waited till something close to final was released. Decoder and encoder work with Speeks Batch frontend by renaming the coder files. The new mpcgain is new to me, and doing command line I can't tell if it is working or not, no message one way or the other. Have 160gig of Flac files to transcode, not looking forward to spending that kind of time in a friggin Dos box to do mpcgain on the resulting files. The old replaygain seems to work, with one error, it's not sure of the file type. Would rather use the new software in the package if possible. Any help with something in the way of a frontend, or any other solution for that matter would be much appreciated. I loved the performance of mpc when it came out as opposed to mp3, and still do. Not a threat by any means, but if high bitrate mp3 with whatever regain it uses are much simpler to use, that may be where I will have to go, just for the sake of a GUI.  That said, I don't care for mp3, always have been a lover of "underdog" software, even though it took three hours just to find the latest 32bit working version in a 64bit thread. (Even run underdog hardware, love AMD.) Sorry, not a programmer, don't compile myself, need a tutorial or something on that one. Any help with this, again, thanks. Gotta get these transcoded so the flac can be backed up and tucked away.

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Sv8 Frontend.. Mpcgain..
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well if you are waiting for SV8 to finalize you need not wait long.

also, all of the SV8 tools are working great and i wouldn't recommend using any SV7 tools anymore.


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Sv8 Frontend.. Mpcgain..
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SV8 is final - announcement
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