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foo_dock is a dock component like FlashGet, BitComet, Free Download Manager etc. have. Originally it was created for dropping files to the current playlist.

Current version (will be edited if new would come):

FooDock features:
  • drop files and add it to the current playlist
  • dropping with SHIFT starts playing recently added files
  • right click has some useful options like tray icon and more (try while playing)
  • double click shows/hides foobar window
  • scrolling over dock changes song
  • balloon tip showing currently played song

  • View->Show FooDock
  • Preferences->Advanced->Display->FooDock

>> Screenshots & Download Link <<


Reply #1
thank you for the component
when i close foobar from minimized state, than next time i start it, foo_dock is not on the top
i can't find any settings: are there any? maybe settings like enable/disable


Reply #2
That's strange. Foobar is minimized, you do right click on dock and Exit, right? And start again foobar, then dock isn't shown? It doesn't seem to work like that on mine computer. My friend also reports the same thing - it's ok.

Please tell me then a couple of things:
  • What OS are you using?
  • what foobar version?
  • are there any UI components in your player?
  • after foobar's rerun you can't see dock. But if you unminimize foobar, then what about dock? Is it shown then or it completely disappears forever?

Anyway, I'll try to repair this thing. Thanks. And one thing. There's no configuration for now. Dock is always shown until you remove foo_dock.dll file from "components" subfolder. You might try to do this thing, run foobar, for question about removing settings answer Yes, close it, and install foo_dock again.

I'm looking forward to any other suggestions.


Reply #3
it's same behaviour if i right click on a dock to close foobar or if i exit by right clicking in tray
my os is vista sp1
it has something to do with Columns UI
i tried with portable install and no components except CUI and same behaviour
without CUI it's ok


Reply #4
For now it should be okay.

Note: it's possible to drop folders now.


Reply #5
Link in your first post  is to version, not!
Correct it.


Reply #6
Not even a "please"? 


Reply #7

Please sir nameczanin


Reply #8
Oh, I'm sorry. Probably I was a little asleep. Anyway, please try now :)


Reply #9
option to hide (or not to be on top) when running full screen application?


[edit] i don't know what triggers it but this is happening repeatedly after some time:


Reply #10
What fullscreen applications? Things like Blender (it's windowing app!) or just games? Anyway, ok, I will post it a few hour later, because I haven't got much time now.

Bug shown in the screen is annoying. I don't know, what could it be? I'm not using Vista anyway (laptop is strong much but vista isn't lightweight so I denied that OS). In the free time I will install it on virtual pc and test it. Can you describe your actions right before it apperas to being not-on-the-top?

Good to see that someone wants to use it :)

EDIT: Next version:
  • dock hide possibility (View->Show FooDock)
  • scroll's changing song way (Preferences->Advanced->Display)

EDIT2: Next again on request:
  • added "Current Playlist" option


Reply #12
I love it!

The only thing I request is for it to show the artist and the song title in the Now Playing section instead of only the song title.

Great job on this component.


Reply #13
The only thing I request is for it to show the artist and the song title in the Now Playing section instead of only the song title.

Look at the first post and change it as you want :-)


Reply #14
Hi nameczanin,

First, a very nice Plugin.

I have two notes.

These Special Fields are not working (taken from my Main Window Script)

Code: [Select]
$right($muldiv(%_time_elapsed_seconds%,100,%_length_seconds%),3)'%'  %playback_time%

And it would be nice if scrolling down would select the next song instead the previous one


Reply #16

I have seen the first and the last entry, but not the middle one.

Edit: Hmmm, there are only two ones.


Reply #17
These Special Fields are not working (taken from my Main Window Script)

Code: [Select]
$right($muldiv(%_time_elapsed_seconds%,100,%_length_seconds%),3)'%'  %playback_time%

I feel like I release every next version too often ;p It seems I overmade my sentence writing "as you want". Well, that thing which You want to gain doesn't make any sense for me in that plugin (in that place). Well, I was planning to do some balloon tip that would be showing current song. Current option takes only variables like "%title%, %artist%". I have had set something like this on my dock: "Now playing: %artist% - %title%". I'll try to do my best when I would have enough time.

Thanks for Your suggestions.


Reply #18
ok ok, no more wishes anymore. ;D

It's only a gimmick, but actually not essential. Btw, I have seen that this code isn't working with the tooltip of the sys tray minimized icon also.

But never mind, I'm still using PrettyPopup with your fine Plug then. I especially like the scrolling function.

thank you


Reply #19
Now Version

  • bugfix: thing about dropped files
  • bugfix: about showing context menu
  • added: balloon tip


Reply #20
New version
  • feature/bug: slightly changed scroll behaviour (if paused, then unpause, otherwise next/prev)
  • feature/bug: scroll+balloon - showed balloon should be refreshed when using scroll (changing song)
  • bug: title copying to the clipboard didn't always work
  • bug: now there's really one balloon (there were many in the background)
  • bug: drop+SHIFT worked only when autoplay function was called
  • change: now there's an option to choose what Current Playlist does mean (selected or playing playlist)

Also look into Advanced Preferences of FooDock.


Reply #21
When using mouse scroll for next/previous balloon tip "Nothing is played right now" appears in top left display corner for part of second


Reply #22
Oh dear, you're right. I have totally forgotten about that ^^ I will fix it, thanks.

EDIT: fixed that nuance.


Reply #23
Hi nameczanin,

what do you think about a per second update for balloon tip and making the following code to work there now?

Code: [Select]
$right($muldiv(%_time_elapsed_seconds%,100,%_length_seconds%),3)'%'  %playback_time%

I would appreciate it very very much.

P.S.: But nevertheless, thx for still updating foo_dock


Reply #24
Very good suggestion. That has gone somewhere in my head so I'll note this now to not forget about it. Currently I'm developing and porting other components but I will get on this. After all, I need to learn these scripts at least.

Also I'm very happy that people use it