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Help with DVD-A Authoring

Hi All, I'm a newbie here and was hoping someone would be able to assist me with a problem I'm having trying to author a DVD-Audio disc.

Basically I want to get 24/192 2ch tracks from a commercial DVD-A and burn to a new DVD-A copy protection free so I can output 24/192 from my DVD-A capable DVD player via SPDIF into my 24/192 capable digital amp.

First I used DVD-Audio Explorer to get the tracks to WAV. No problems there.

Then I thought I could use dvd-a author to create a DVD-A iso from the extracted WAVs. This is where I hit an issue. dvd-a author sees the WAVs and create the AUDIO_TS directory but there is no data there, it thinks the WAVs have no samples in.

If I resample to 24/96 using sox I could create a DVD-Video disc using LPLEX, but I really want to try 24/192.

Is anyone able to offer any advice?


Help with DVD-A Authoring

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Well there is one software I used in the past, DVD Audio Solo. Try it. In trial version you can make 5 DVDA disks, or try it out for a month.