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Does Foobar 2000 rip CDs?
I was pointed in the direction of Foobar by the flac documentation on Sourceforge. According to Sourceforge Foobar can rip CDs (in flac, so presumably other formats), but I can find no reference to this in the FAQ. So can Foobar rips CDs?

  • kanak
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Does Foobar 2000 rip CDs?
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Yes it can.
0. Insert CD Into Drive
1. File -> Open Audio CD
2. Click "Rip" Button.

The Ripper uses converter presets, so read up on how to configure the Converter to suit your needs (it's quite straightforward, and easy to do).

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Does Foobar 2000 rip CDs?
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Between steps 1 and 2, you might also want to visit the options to change you level of security and/or your drive offset.
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