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Playlist sorting
Is it possible to have different custom grouping schemes for individual playlists?

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Playlist sorting
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Edit > Sort > Sort by ...

  • 2E7AH
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Playlist sorting
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all schemes are available in the dropdown menu:

context menu > sort > sort by...

enter another sort scheme

(previous schemes are in the dropdown menu)

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Playlist sorting
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I never really explained myself that well. I have multiple playlists and I want a different layout for several different playlists. Like "group by albums" for a album playlist and "default view" for a singles playlist. Is this possible with the default ui?

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Playlist sorting
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not currently.

It is in the Known Feature Proposals list:
  • Playlist view

    • Feature: Per playlist group mode settings in playlist view
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Playlist sorting
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Playlist sorting
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It's possible with columns UI. Take a look.
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Playlist sorting
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to reply i just plain blond, or i don't see a way to sort my playlists by their name?

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Playlist sorting
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Drag and drop…
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