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Masstagger Script: Title Case

Maybe I'm just a little bit fussy, but I prefer to have my songtitles in Title Case, instead of plain capitals. It just seems more aesthetical to me (e.g. "Fade to Black" instead of "Fade To Black"). Now it isn't really possible to create a script for proper Title Case formatting because whether a word is capitalized depends on its grammatical function, which can only be determined for sure by the semantics (although there are cases where even Grammarians quarrel about). However, there is a set of words which can be rather confidently regarded as articles, prepositions and conjuctions as those words apear mostly as such. I collected a set of all common and many less-common words up to 4 characters length falling into this category and made a MassTagger Script out of it. I tested it on my Media Library and I guess it gives valid results for 98% of all English song titles. I thought a while on including such words as "up" and "down" in the list, which are commonly used as adverbs rather than prepositions. I didn't include words like "like" for they can appear as verbs. For the remaing 2% (mostly adverbs), you can ether correct them manually or don't care about it. The results are aesthetically pleasant anyway.

Hope someone likes my freaky script

Masstagger Script: Title Case

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Excellent script, thanks for creating it! It'd be nice if others could contribute some Masstagger scripts too

Masstagger Script: Title Case

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Thanks, this is just what I've been looking for. Much appreciated.


Masstagger Script: Title Case

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Thanks Northpack. FYI there was already some thread about Title Case where I posted my own little Masstagger script. It may not be complete, but it works quite well for me. Take a look at it :

EDIT - having tested both scripts quite extensively, I'm sorry Northpack but I believe that my script works much better in fact.  It certainly is not perfect, but its results appear to be very reliable, and it uses the same Title Case rules as Wikipedia : I've double-checked all the results with Wikipedia using some tricky titles, and so far my script has passed all the tests (except one, corrected since then) while the other script has failed most of them. Plus my script does the job for both the %title% and %album% fields in one pass. So please feel free to try it out. Here it is !