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LossyWAV C# port
This is a very simple implementation, stripped bare of all the nice command line switches and console output. It just encodes from one .wav file to another, and it has been tested only on one piece of music and only with default parameters.

In other words, this is for developers only.

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CUETools 2.1.4

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LossyWAV C# port
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Well done, Sir!
lossyWAV -q X -a 4 -s h -A --feedback 2 --limit 15848| FLAC -5 -e -p -b 512 -P=4096 -S-

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LossyWAV C# port
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Good work Gregory!  Thats big step forward for lossyWav.
Now Java dev could port it easily from C# source also.