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Removing track number from the track title ?


By utilising FB2K to rename track titles (using file name as source), I've now successfully renamed tracks (when they had intact file names).

However, because the track number is incorporated into the file name, I now have track numbers in the Title metadata

e.g. xx - title

Whilst not a serious problem, it's a bit unsightly. Is there an easy way to remove them ? Can I use change what I'm putting in the Automatic Fill Values fields to leave the number out ?



Removing track number from the track title ?

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Nevermind - the genius of FB2K strikes again.

Filename now in format: nn - title

Just select Title field from album Properties

Tools -  Automatic Fill Values

Source = filename

Pattern = %nn% - %title%

Sorted - this removes the track number from the filename

I        FB2K

Removing track number from the track title ?

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Thanks for posting the resolve; it's always good to have a solution in the thread.

I haven't had much chance to play with 0.9.6; I was going to respond to your query, but couldn't find the option with the new dialogues!  So, I'm wiser now also.

I guess this was previously part of Masstagger, the last time I used it.
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