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tmkk XLD developer is ok!
I and several HA members mentioned that they were concerned because tmkk had not responded to their emails and the lack of updates to XLD. tmkk is ok as I received an email from him today.  He has just been busy with his day job. He states to look for XLD to be developed at normal pace with updates coming approximately once a month.  He said not worry about development.  The good news is that he is fine!


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tmkk XLD developer is ok!
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We got a bit spoiled by the nearly insane pace of development on XLD.

Glad to hear all is well.

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tmkk XLD developer is ok!
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Glad to hear it. If anyone deserves a break after all of that work, it's tmkk.

XLD version 20080926 has been rock solid in every conceivable way, so no updates have been necessary.