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[Old] Vorbis Streamer (foo_vorbisstream)
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Uh, that's not a normal components list. Preferences -> Components -> Hit the "Copy" button on the top-right, paste here.

Also, something to try would be to put the Resampler, set to resample to 44100Hz, above Vorbis Streamer. I have a sneaking suspicion that will eliminate the problem. I'm currently waiting on a certain change before I reinstall my development environment, at which point I can roll a build with proper debug information. Until that point, however, try the Resampler. If that solves the problem, I just need to get v1.1 out, which will replace the old, crappy internal resampler code with a call to PPHS or SoX.

[Old] Vorbis Streamer (foo_vorbisstream)
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Sorry for the components list muck up, and here's a proper one. I will try the resampler and report back with how it goes, i do have a quick question tho.

Would using a crossfader be advisable or a bad idea

Code: [Select]
Core (2009-06-07 22:28:34)
   foobar2000 core
foo_albumlist.dll (2009-06-07 22:26:58)
   Album List 4.3.1
foo_audioscrobbler.dll (2008-05-13 15:36:16)
   Audioscrobbler 2.3.1
foo_biometric.dll (2009-03-15 05:42:35)
   Fingerprint tools 0.3
foo_browser.dll (2007-03-23 16:53:12)
   Music Browser 1.2.3b [Mar 23 2007 - 16:52:56]
foo_burninate.dll (2009-06-24 20:14:28)
   Audio CD Writer 3.0.1
foo_cdda.dll (2009-06-07 22:26:40)
   CD Audio Decoder 2.1.4
foo_channel_mixer.dll (2008-03-12 19:37:47)
   Channel Mixer
foo_chronflow.dll (2008-04-14 00:16:00)
   Chronial's Coverflow 0.3.0
foo_comserver2.dll (2006-08-01 05:13:20)
   COM Automation server 0.7 alpha 6
foo_converter.dll (2009-06-07 22:26:38)
   Converter 1.2.1
foo_convolve.dll (2006-08-04 20:57:26)
   Convolver 0.3
foo_covers.dll (2009-05-29 00:54:29)
   Locate Covers 0.03
foo_cuefilter.dll (2009-04-28 15:09:44)
   CUE Playlist Filter
foo_discogs.dll (2009-05-02 01:01:30)
   Discogs Tagger 1.19
foo_dop.dll (2009-06-25 16:57:06)
   iPod manager
foo_dsp_bs2b.dll (2009-04-07 09:57:26)
   bs2b 3.0.0
foo_dsp_continuator.dll (2009-03-23 12:37:55)
   Continuator 0.6.1
foo_dsp_crossfeed.dll (2006-03-21 15:32:54)
   Crossfeed 0.92
foo_dsp_delta.dll (2008-10-24 15:57:16)
   Noise Sharpening DSP 1.0.0
foo_dsp_std.dll (2009-06-07 22:26:54)
   Standard DSP Array 1.0
foo_exvar.dll (2008-06-14 08:42:55)
   Extended Variables 0.3.1
foo_fileops.dll (2009-06-07 22:25:30)
   File Operations 2.1.2
foo_freedb2.dll (2009-06-07 22:25:50)
   freedb Tagger 0.6.1
foo_g15lcd.dll (2009-06-29 21:41:08)
   Logitech G15 LCD Display 0.3a
foo_imgburner.dll (2008-10-31 02:18:15)
   ImgBurner 0.3.1
foo_input_std.dll (2009-06-07 22:26:30)
   Standard Input Array 1.0
foo_jesus.dll (2009-03-22 08:41:11)
   Autosave 0.0.3
foo_lastfm_radio.dll (2009-02-25 22:05:24) Radio 0.5.6b
foo_lyricsgrabber.dll (2008-12-12 04:27:07)
   Lyrics Grabber Beta
foo_masstag.dll (2009-06-30 10:37:28)
   Masstagger 1.8.3
foo_menu_addons.dll (2009-01-05 20:44:56)
   Menu Addons 0.4.1 (SSE)
foo_mlt.dll (2007-10-27 21:35:30)
   Miranda ListeningTo foobar2000 Plugin 1.0
foo_musicbrainz.dll (2009-04-11 06:27:28)
   MusicBrainz Tagger 0.2
foo_navigator.dll (2007-08-04 21:36:46)
   Navigator 0.63
foo_out_ks.dll (2006-08-04 21:54:58)
   Kernel Streaming Output 1.2.2
foo_playcount.dll (2009-04-29 20:09:32)
   Playback Statistics 2.1.9
foo_playcount_sql.dll (2009-06-18 23:12:48)
   Playback statistics SQL
foo_pqview.dll (2008-03-11 18:02:54)
   Playback Queue Viewer 0.2
foo_prettypop.dll (2008-12-01 18:48:22)
   Pretty Popup 1.2.4
foo_quicktag.dll (2008-05-01 19:39:02)
   Quick Tagger 1.0.1
foo_rgscan.dll (2009-06-07 22:26:22)
   ReplayGain Scanner 2.0.8
foo_rm-1800.dll (2008-08-26 23:03:02)
   foo_RM-1800 0.0.1
foo_run.dll (2009-06-07 15:15:18)
   Run services 0.3.7
foo_runcmd.dll (2007-08-17 05:08:42)
   Run Command 1.0 beta 3
foo_scheduler.dll (2007-01-09 22:33:46)
   Scheduler 3.53
foo_stopaftercuralbum.dll (2009-06-01 09:50:42)
   foo_stopaftercuralbum 0.2
foo_texttools.dll (2009-01-31 13:23:38)
   Text Tools 1.0.3
foo_ui_columns.dll (2009-06-15 08:18:06)
   Columns UI
foo_ui_std.dll (2009-06-07 22:27:04)
   Default User Interface 0.9.5
foo_uie_albumlist.dll (2009-06-14 08:49:19)
   Album list panel 0.3.5
foo_uie_biography.dll (2009-07-11 16:20:22)
   Biography View
foo_uie_elplaylist.dll (2009-06-05 22:01:32)
foo_uie_graphical_browser.dll (2008-04-20 05:37:53)
   Graphical Browser rev015
foo_uie_library_tree.dll (2009-07-04 19:30:22)
   Library Tree
foo_uie_lyrics.dll (2008-12-12 19:39:20)
   Lyric Show Panel [Dec 12 2008 - 17:39:01]
foo_uie_panel_splitter.dll (2009-06-07 22:36:54)
   Panel Stack Splitter 0.3.8(alpha)
foo_uie_playlists_dropdown.dll (2009-05-14 21:07:22)
   Playlists Dropdown
foo_uie_quicksearch.dll (2007-05-18 12:31:10)
   Quick Search Toolbar 2.8l
foo_uie_tabs.dll (2009-02-03 03:58:44)
   Tabbed Panel Modified 0.2.7
foo_uie_textbox.dll (2009-03-26 23:49:28)
   Textbox 0.0.7
foo_uie_trackinfo.dll (2008-08-15 18:46:58)
   Track info panel 0.8
foo_uie_trackinfo_mod.dll (2007-01-05 14:36:20)
   Track info panel mod 0.8.0 beta [Jan  5 2007 - 13:36:12]
foo_uie_typefind.dll (2007-10-23 07:30:44)
   Typefind 0.2 beta 2
foo_uie_vis_channel_spectrum.dll (2008-05-18 04:02:12)
   Channel Spectrum panel 0.17.2
foo_uie_vis_peakmeter_spectrum.dll (2008-04-19 20:18:50)
   Peakmeter Spectrum Visualisation beta
foo_uie_wsh_panel_mod.dll (2009-07-12 13:44:54)
   WSH Panel Mod 1.1.9
foo_unpack.dll (2009-06-07 22:25:18)
   RAR reader 1.2
   ZIP/GZIP reader 1.0
foo_utils.dll (2008-02-09 07:26:58)
   Playlist Tools 0.6.2 beta 6
foo_version.dll (2009-04-16 11:17:12)
   Components versions viewer 0.4
foo_vis_shpeck.dll (2009-05-20 23:43:46)
   Shpeck - Winamp vis plugins wrapper 0.3.5
foo_vorbisstream.dll (2009-05-04 20:29:10)
   Vorbis Streamer 1.0
foo_wlm.dll (2009-06-24 17:05:12)
   Windows Live Messenger Notifier 1.0.9
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[Old] Vorbis Streamer (foo_vorbisstream)
Reply #52
Thanks for the great plugin, much appreciated! I love Vorbis but MP3 support is essential too. Any info on implementing lame_enc with Vorbis Streamer?

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[Old] Vorbis Streamer (foo_vorbisstream)
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Thanks for the great plugin, much appreciated! I love Vorbis but MP3 support is essential too. Any info on implementing lame_enc with Vorbis Streamer?
It's on the TODO list somewhere. I don't even have a working build environment on my current install of Windows, but it's coming.

Would using a crossfader be advisable or a bad idea
Should not be the slightest problem.
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[Old] Vorbis Streamer (foo_vorbisstream)
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The resampler tip you gave seems to have stopped the crashes, so far so good.
You're talking to my guy all wrong... It's the wrong tone. Say it again, and i'll stab you in the face with a soldering iron!

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[Old] Vorbis Streamer (foo_vorbisstream)
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Sweet! Crash cause isolated. I'll rip that garbage out in the next version.

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[Old] Vorbis Streamer (foo_vorbisstream)
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Crash when loading DSP preset featuring foo_vorbisstreamer and the configuration is incorrect (like wrong icecast passwors, wrong hostname or wrong port).
UI deadlocks. - foobar2000 component repository

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[Old] Vorbis Streamer (foo_vorbisstream)
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Is it somehow possible to avoid the stream to be interrupted? I.e. the stream should run regardless if music is playing or not...
Can't wait for a HD-AAC encoder :P

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[Old] Vorbis Streamer (foo_vorbisstream)
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I'd +1 that request if I could figure out a way to justify it. It might come in handy if I could interject a microphone recording (i.e., "live"), but there's no way to do that with this.

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[Old] Vorbis Streamer (foo_vorbisstream)
Reply #59
edcast has the other behaviour. If you want that behaviour, just use edcast. I don't personally like that behaviour, I prefer the status quo. Hence, the status quo.

There's an off-chance I could add that as an Advanced option, but that would require me working on this component, and my progress in my TODO list is slow. What's more, things seem to keep getting tacked onto it faster than they're coming off. Fortunately, my productivity is greater lately. There is hope!

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[Old] Vorbis Streamer (foo_vorbisstream)
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One of the main reasons I started using your component was because edcast was being retarded.

It's not a high-priority feature for me anyway, just kind of a "would be nice if I ever wanted to do something with it".
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[Old] Vorbis Streamer (foo_vorbisstream)
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Another feature idea: A "Test" button on the server configuration dialog.

  • Caleb
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[Old] Vorbis Streamer (foo_vorbisstream)
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This is truly a great component Canar.

edcast was freezing my foobar intermittently so I had to look for alternatives, and your component is rock solid.

I'd like to repeat the previous requests of being able to stream MP3 as well, for backwards compatibility.


[Old] Vorbis Streamer (foo_vorbisstream)
Reply #63
Agreed, many still use WMP/embedded WMP on websites and as far as i could test it, WMP doesn't play vorbis.....

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[Old] Vorbis Streamer (foo_vorbisstream)
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Nor does iTunes. So MP3 support is quite important to reach every possible user.

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[Old] Vorbis Streamer (foo_vorbisstream)
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I am not concerned about reaching listeners with this component. Those who find it useful will use it anyhow. I am concerned with good design. Modular codec support is a planned feature, but that is far ahead in the roadmap.
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[Old] Vorbis Streamer (foo_vorbisstream)
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This plugin worked right away and I haven’t noticed any stutter or problem whatsoever when connecting to the Icecast stream. Very nice! However, FLAC support would make it even better! I know you’re working on it, but I just wanted to let you know that there’s one more person out here who very much would like that feature. I’ve tried edcast, but it doesn’t work.


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[Old] Vorbis Streamer (foo_vorbisstream)
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how install & turn subj on foobar v0968, short guide s-b-s 1,2,3,...?

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[Old] Vorbis Streamer (foo_vorbisstream)
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There's a new version just around the corner featuring a whole load of bugfixes thanks to Peter. It'll be up just as soon as I can recall my password to the components site...

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[Old] Vorbis Streamer (foo_vorbisstream)
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Version 1.1 is now up. Note that old configurations will break badly; you'll need to re-enter all the server information and make new DSP presets.

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[Old] Vorbis Streamer (foo_vorbisstream)
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Is there an easy way to stop/pause  streaming  (to particular server) ?

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[Old] Vorbis Streamer (foo_vorbisstream)
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If you use a DSP preset to save your settings, starting and stopping streaming is as easy as changing your DSP preset.

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[Old] Vorbis Streamer (foo_vorbisstream)
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If you use a DSP preset to save your settings, starting and stopping streaming is as easy as changing your DSP preset.

yep..that is one way to do it. thanks.

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[Old] Vorbis Streamer (foo_vorbisstream)
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+1 also for me regarding mp3 support. For a long time I used Ed Zaleski's 'edcast', but since he put his entire project on 'autopilot' (which means he keeps things alive without much proactive development), I am happy to see Vorbis Streamer as a very good successor. I stream my music to a Roku SoundBridge which unfortunately does not support .ogg format (except via FireFly server).

With foobar2k one of the two Edcast config files is always deleted when foobar2k terminates. I contacted Ed and received a special version that stores config files in 'User\Appdata', but this seems to be just a workaround.

I like the idea of using the combination of foobar2k, Icecast and promising cool Vorbis Streamer, but due to the necessity to have mp3 support I'll have to be patient and wait. Looking forward to seing this feature in a future release.
foobar2000 1.0 Beta 6 • Icecast 2.3.2 • Edcast 3.1.23

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[Old] Vorbis Streamer (foo_vorbisstream)
Reply #74
Hi there, great component!
A simple request (or something in that matter) - would it be possible to somewhat "fix" situation when the Vorbis Streamer is loaded in DSP but there is no IceCast server running? This results in foobar2000 being very sluggish and unresponsive. Don't know - maybe an auto-disable function after failed attempt to connect to server? or at lest some error message in dialog box or console? (I was playing with the component yesterday and forget bout it today and spend about an hour trying to figure out why foo2k is acting up on me  ) :: unofficial polish forum