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Topic: XLD Integrates C2 Error Detection In Its Ripper (Read 3764 times) previous topic - next topic

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XLD Integrates C2 Error Detection In Its Ripper
A thread to discuss the use and implementation of C2 error detection in XLD.  Please post any information about C2 error detection.

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XLD Integrates C2 Error Detection In Its Ripper
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It has been some time since XLD integrated C2 error detection in its ripper to be used with CD Paranoia.  I am interested in XLD users sharing their opinions on the experiences they have had using this feature.  I am fairly comfortable with the results of the rips I have gotten using this feature.  When I compare the logs information for errors and AccurateRip results they both agree.  This lends me to believe it is accurately demeriting the errors and switching into the CD Paranoia to either correct or report the errors.  I do not know if I would as confident about this implementation if I did not have the AccurateRip data base to compare.  If the CD is not listed in the AcccurateRip data base I will not use the C2 feature.