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aac encoding & splitting
hi all,
i have a few questions about aac.
firstly, how to encode aac from line-in (like LiveInCode0.94, which support only mp3,ogg,flac & speex) - i'm searching this forum and didn't got a clear answers - i want to record audio from FM-tuner directly to aac and minimize steps from FM->wav->aac to FM->aac
and secondly, how to split aac without recompression (like mp3directcut, looking for spectrum and using cue). for example, i want to split my 8 hr. live-record to single tracks.
thanks, encoder that i use is neroaac (q 0.42), extension is m4a

aac encoding & splitting
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no one knows?

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aac encoding & splitting
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how to split aac without recompression

I have the same question...
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aac encoding & splitting
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Whether exists Encoder (frontend) for iTunes AAC except an iTunes-player?? It is desirable, that the device took not enough place.

aac encoding & splitting
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Me too... How to split AAC/MP4 without transcoding/re-encoding?

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aac encoding & splitting
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Windows user: The latest version of MP3DirectCut (2.16 , released today) supports cutting of AAC ADTS streams.
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aac encoding & splitting
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I think ffmpeg will do this without transcoding, though I am not completely sure what happens precisely at the breakpoint. Try

ffmpeg -i infilename.m4a -ss 00:03:00 -t 00:02:00 -acodec copy outfilename.m4a

which will copy the two minutes from 3 minutes 0 seconds to 5 minutes 0 seconds.  The -i specifies the infile, the "-acodec copy" specifies that the output file should copy without transcoding the audio stream (audio has "acodec". There is also -vcodec for video and -scodec for subtitles ...)
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aac encoding & splitting
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I agree with previous message that mp3directcut is probably you best choice for editing.  You might also want to look at "Besplit."

For recording, Wondershare Streaming Audio Recorder might work for you.  Outputs in several formats: MP3, AAC, WMA, etc.