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Recommend me stuff like this
I've been addicted to Atlas Sound's "Unrequited II" for a while now. You can download it for yourself at his blog at . No, this is not a TOS violation, this music was never published on a record label, and was made available for free by the artist on his website.

But anyway, I find this particular track so hypnotizing that I simply can't stop playing it. Mostly I think it's the voice. I think he sampled the voice from a self-help tape or something, if anyone knows who the guy reading this is, PLEASE tell me. I must have more of this enchanting voice. I don't even care what he's saying, it's just the voice and manner of speaking that is so hypnotizing.

The ambient background music is nice too, it sort of increases the hypnotizing effect.

So, if anyone knows who this narrator is, or knows any music similar to this track (ambient with similar vocals), give me recommendations please. I don't know how long I can keep these 3 minutes on loop...
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Recommend me stuff like this
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mantra type of music comes to my mind, like Buddhist Spiritual Mediational Music. They do use vocals in more 'nosy' way usually, so it may take some adaptation from your part.


then maybe some aboriginal music as well (didgeridoo);
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