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How do I tag my music with a popularity meter?
I want to tag my music with some sort of count on the popularity. My collection has grown pretty large lately with mostly older music (from 2nd hand shops), and I'd like to sort out some of the worse music this way.

I think of as the source because it gives a very good estimate on the average playcount around the world.

My music collection is 28.000 tracks with just above 4000 unique artists. Creating a script to harvest information would take 4000 requests - Would they even allow this (through their API)?

Doing this just once creates a pretty good estimate on hit-songs in my older collection, but for newer music it might fail with no updating. If I could somehow get charts into this, it might give a better estimate on newer hit-music. Does such thing as some charts exists in RSS formats? This would really ease my task, as well as notify me of new music that might be interesting

The only semi-big problem is that none of my localized music is taken into account, but that I have to solve in other ways...

If you have any ideas of how I can accomplish this task, please respond in this thread. Thanks.
Can't wait for a HD-AAC encoder :P