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Simple Question About MFSL Abraxas
Is the recent release of Abraxas by MFSL a reissue? I heard they already released it on gold CD earlier. Are they reissuing their CDs?

Simple Question About MFSL Abraxas
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I just joined this forum yesterday so I apologize for the last minute post. SANTANA'S Abraxas album was one of the first MFSL albums to ever be reissued. The original 1991 MFSL release (UDCD 552) had the 24 KT. Gold Ultradisc CD packaged in the MFSL lift lock CD jewel case. The new 2008 release (UDCD 775) would see new changes such as the new MOFI logo. Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab would change its logo from MFSL to MOFI. The 2008 release would also modify the famous 24 KT. Gold disc from Ultradisc to the advanced modified Ultradisc II. The 2008 release would see the 24 KT. Gold disc inserted into a soft static resistant cloth, then packaged into a numbered collector's limited edition Mini-LP album sleeve. In my opinion, there is a slight improvement with the sound quality in the new 2008 MOFI release. Take care.
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