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Flash tool to play speex format / Speex to mp3 conversion

I need suggestion about speex conversion to mp3 format. We are using a recording tool on our website which gives us the output in *.spx format.

To playback this format I am forced to load and use the Java applet on the webpage which is bit buggy and not working well with all the browsers.

I want to use a flash player which is used on many podcasting websites, those which buffer the file bit-by-bit and is very easy to load.
I had done some research on web to find flash players which can play *.spx format. But didn't find any. Can you recommend any such player which will server our purpose?

Alternatively, I want to convert the *.spx to mp3 format which will increase the file size a bit but can be played in a flash player. I now need a conversion tool which can be instantiated ever time a file is uploaded and convert it to an mp3 file. Do you know any such tools which will be of use to me?


PS: Moderator, pardon me if this is not the right place to post this query
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Flash tool to play speex format / Speex to mp3 conversion
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Do you have server rights to install applications?

I would probably just use the official tools to decode from Speex and pipe to LAME.

Either that, or start learning haXe.
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