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Here is a modified version of foo_playlist_tree which is compatible with fb2k or later. Because cwbowron asked me to change the name of the component it is now called foo_playlist_tree_mod.

  Download with scheme support: [attachment=5615:foo_play...d_scheme.7z]
Download without scheme support: [attachment=5616:foo_play...o_scheme.7z]

Because it uses the new search filter API introduced with fb2k, this version or later is required.

Changelog for version
  • fixed a crash while shutting down foobar2000 without displaying the playlist tree first


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Oh my god, great!

Although I got used to fast foobar startup times  (query output was large)


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ColumnsUI onry i guess since it doesnt seem work with DUI. Give me back my 4 minutes.


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ColumnsUI onry i guess since it doesnt seem work with DUI. Give me back my 4 minutes.

SDK for 3rd party components for DUI has not yet been released, so forget anything but the default components for now!
Can't wait for a HD-AAC encoder :P


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Thank you!  Playlist Tree is essential for my setup.


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Glad to see this component is back. I don't use Columns UI any longer, but this component has functionality that you can't get in Default UI.


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...Nor do I, but I'm glad to see this component is still being developed.


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I may use CUI again just for this...


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I ported this component mainly for my own needs, but I had in mind publishing it here on HA. I have some ideas for some small new features, which I plan to implement first. But it will take some longer, because I have little spare time and it's always difficult to work with foreign code. Later I may have a deeper look on the lists of features and bugs, which are all non-critical bugs.


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nice Job, now i dont get an error while starting foobar 2k

But I got a question, i hope someone can help me...
ive tried to use a query for my albums, that updates itself if ill add new albums to the folder...

for example this is the folder:

Code: [Select]
|   +Album1
|   |       Song1
|   |       Song2
|   |      
|   +Album2
|                +CD1
|                 |      Song1
|                 |      Song2
|                +CD2
|                        Song1    
|                        Song2
    |       Song1
    |       Song2

So if i use this folder with the @drop command the songs are listet but without their subfolders

Code: [Select]

Is it possible that he also shows the subfolders in Playlisttree ?



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The one thing i missed most after switching to > was "Playlist Tree".
Wonderful, we now have it back. DAUMEN HOCH !


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I'm using playlist tree in order to generate automatic bests of (by genre, artist, year and so on)
It do very well the job but for the artists best of, I want to add a filter and I don't know how :

Today I use :
source :

Criteria :
%rating% GREATER 2

Format :
%artist%|%rating% - %title%

But a lot of artists have only 1 song in their best of and I prefer display only those who have at least 2 songs

Is it possible to add this filter (at least 2 entries in a node) ? 


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Look here. So you can use
Code: [Select]
@quote<@format<$ifgreater(%_itemcount%,1,,@hidden2 )>>%artist%|
%rating% - %title%

As it is mentioned in the link above, it only works, if 'Sort by display name after populating' is checked. For me it seems to be a bug and not a feature. But I have to look deeper into the code to find it out.

Edit: I just noticed, that the link don't scroll to the post the link should point at. It is post 1777. Link is fixed to show the post as first on page


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Is it possible to have a query like this



Population Order: $rand()

Kind regards


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the link isn't working for me... it's giving me a 403 forbidden...


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It's fixed. Thanks for the report.


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Sounds great!
1) Could you revive the download link?
2) Could you update foo_cwb_hooks? (That would answer your question, Robbi).



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1) The link is correct, but the server is down at the moment. It will be back soon.
2) I thought about it. But it is impossible to get the functions to work. Also variables like %cwb_systemdate% will not work in a reliable way. But I have to take a closer look, which variables could be used. For the moment I extracted the quick tag panel and made some enhancements for it. I need do some testing and I think I can release it in one or two weeks or maybe a little bit later.


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For the moment I extracted the quick tag panel and made some enhancements for it. I need do some testing and I think I can release it in one or two weeks or maybe a little bit later.

Nice! But please don't forget the DUI-User who would love to see a freefloating window. 
Some ideas: the tag window makes only sense for multivalue fields - the rest is really better done by the official quick tagger component. As the multivalue fields are declared in the advanced preferences users wouldn't need to bother about defining fields to be tagged if the list of these fields could be readen by SDK. Hope you understand what i mean.


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I can't download this component?
Can someone help me?


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Sorry, the downtime of the server is longer than expected and unfortunately I have no influence to it. So for the meantime you can find the component here. I will inform you, when the server is back.


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Hi guys!
At first sight this plugin looked a lot like Album List.. but well there are a lot of nice additional features in Playlist Trees  Actually I love the implementation of the schemes as a new Query. Everything works fine more or less as I'm using the original code-examples on the Wiki. But I still couldn't find a solution for what I'm trying to achieve.

I want to use the scheme-script to create a 1-hour random playlist without repeating the artist and (her it comes) the playlist should only contain songs that are longer than 2 minutes. Additionally they shouldn't be called "Intro" or "Outro". The criteria-field seems to be ignored when using Schemes

Thanks for the help!


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The criteria has to be provided by the scheme query. Look at the examples of cwbowron here.