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Re: Text Display (foo_textdisplay)

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Haha.... no.

My text rendering function conveniently had support for applying colours to ranges of text in a single call and fb2k handles $rgb natively. I wouldn't know where to begin with that.

Re: Text Display (foo_textdisplay)

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It's all ok. I use this function to find vinyl realeases. I'm too lazy to type in at discogs etc., it's easyer to click  ;D
thank you for the text-display-function

Re: Text Display (foo_textdisplay)

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If you want clicky things, use foo_run and add a button to any toolbar.

Or if you tag your files with foo_musicbrainz/picard and have artist MBID tags present, my musicbrainz script has a "links" mode where every item is clickable. YMMV depending on the popularity of the artist. Not all will have discogs entries. It just so happens the example on my docs site does...

Re: Text Display (foo_textdisplay)

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thank you for your proposition, marc  :))

Re: Text Display (foo_textdisplay)

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I'd prefer having a separate component or built-in functionality (for my very probable upcoming switch to 64-bit fb2k) instead of something that relies on JScript (that I have no intention of using, with all due respect).

Yes, something similar to foo_textdisplay is still missing - even if Marc was so kind to offer a workaround.

May be Peter does not read this section of the forum ... but which section do requests like this belong to?

Re: Text Display (foo_textdisplay)

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A little bug: if there is too long word in the text, word wrap do not work properly for some previous and next lines, close to the long word. It breaks text into too long lines, the ends are not visible. (FB 1.6.12, DUI)

A typical example is a text, containig long url (like -black-box).

Text Display settings:
Spoiler (click to show/hide)
The long url is in the %comment% field.

Re: Text Display (foo_textdisplay)

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Is there a consensus regarding a good replacement for the Text Display component for 64 bit foobar2000?


Re: Text Display (foo_textdisplay)

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Thanks. I'll give it a try.

Re: Text Display (foo_textdisplay)

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My choice is JScript Panel sample script "Text Display".

I've installed it and it looks pretty daunting, although no doubt does more than the Text Display component, but before I clear my calendar for a week to learn how to use it.....

Can JScript Panel do all of the things with fb2k fields etc that Text Tools can? Here's what I'm hoping to duplicate:

I don't want any word wrapping but I also don't want long lines truncated at the end because that's generally where the important stuff is. If you look at the "Location" line in the screenshot above, you'll see it's truncated in the middle (some of the text replaced with "...." to prevent the line exceeding a set number of characters).

And can I use JScript Panel to convert the volume from Track Gain to people-speak volume (ie -18 LUFS) given how mental it is to specify volume as a sound pressure level as ReplayGain does. It's somewhat beyond me why fb2k still uses 89dB as the default target volume in the GUI instead of -18 dB/LUFS like the rest of the world. It's become embarrassing... ;)

Anyway, as long as those two things are do-able I'll try to learn how to use JScript Panel sometime soon.