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Nero's CD-SPEED problems... PLZ HELP

I've downloaded and installed the latest nero, and when I try 2 run some tests it just doen't work:

it loads the "spin up drive" screen (though the CD-ROM itself appears to do nothing), and I get the following error message: 

furthermore, when I try 2 test a quality of some of my cd's (original and burned) it behaves very strangely:
the graph runs red like wild, the speed is bout 850x and the number of errors runs around: 500,000,000.
The CD-ROM itself isn't doing anything... in short - it's just NOT WORKING....

PLZ help me out here...
I have WinXP
Sony CDRW CRX-175A1, Toshiba DVD-ROM SD-M1612

Nero's CD-SPEED problems... PLZ HELP

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try end tasking in-cd or any other packet writing software.
alt-ctr-del and then endtask in-cd and see if that helps.
i never had those would just lockup and i had to reboot

i am guessing that in-cd is trying to mount the disc and it is causing a conflict with cd speed.
i also noticed that the info tool works with in-cd shut off.  with in-cd on sometimes it works and sometimes it dies.  have to reboot

Nero's CD-SPEED problems... PLZ HELP

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no, In-CD isn't running anyway when I open cd-speed, I don't think In-cd came with the nero version I have..
maybe it's got 2 do with my other burning softwares?
I have, installed on my pc:  Roxio EZCD 5.02, EAC, NERO, Fuerio, Clone CD (and also ClonyXXL)...
When I run "msconfig" under startup Roxio's DirectCD is listed, should I try 2 disable it or uninstall it or somethin?

do u have any other suggestions?

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