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Looking for a good CD Burning software
I found this site has listed under downloads, CD Burner XP, as a free burning software.  Anyone have any recommendations of this or any other good software? can this software copy CD text... album, artist , track info to burnt CD? I have used Burrrrn before which can't (as far as I know)
I don't want to pay a lot for CD Burning software(Nero) if I can get a good one for less.  Any help is appreciated.

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Looking for a good CD Burning software
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It's only relatively expensive if you have to have the latest and greatest version of such software.  If you are willing to get an older version, it can be very cheap.

Since all you want to do is basic CD/DVD burning, you don't necessarily need the latest version of Nero, when one several revisions older will do just fine.

For example, I just "upgraded" my Nero 6.6 installation to Nero 7 Essentials Suite 3 for about one US dollar from my local computer store.

Here's the link:

I'm sure that if you Google "Nero 7 Essentials Suite 3" you can find a host of online stores that sell the same Nero software for about 8 or 10 US dollars.

Now, if that is too expensive for you, well then.....
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Looking for a good CD Burning software
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thanks, I'll check it out

no, thats not too expensive.
just don't want to drop 80-100 bones on burning software if something else is just as good for less...which your info seems to very helpful in that regard.


Looking for a good CD Burning software
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ImgBurn and InfraRecorder are my personal favorites. They both support CD-Text, I think. They’re both free, too.