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Request for loop playing feature-

hi - heres another newbie
thank you for reading this -

i dont really know where to put this request exactly, whether its better in developers section , third party plugins or support,....

as the title says i want foobar  to play endless -
this was asked for back in 2003 as i ve seen here, but this feature doesnt seem to earn lots of attention... 
i dont have any clue how much effort it takes to implement the feature.
the point is, a consumer doesnt need this, but a musician does need it badly....
i better avoid to describe why it is so important for me, (and all other musicians)

so heres my request :

a loop button that repeats a file (wav, midi, mp3) endlessly -

it doesnt need to have the ability to MAKE loops or to set A_B points
im speaking of repeating existing loops.

this would make foobar even more useful (im using it since 2003 every day)

other players that can play loops are
- Win Media Player
- Winamp
but hey - these monsters are huge!!
to launch Winamp with all the ads and server internet bla bla features takes 20 secs to do so...
impossible to use it as i need foobar as a quick app as well . (for quick search through tons of small wav files)
Besides this i use foobar still like most others do as well.

so id like to see what happens to this quest and what users and developers think about this.
thanks anyway

Request for loop playing feature-

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I do think I don't understand your question, coz' my answer is so obvious, but I give it a try;

Playback order > Repeat (track).


(by clicking on foobar play buttons - You can select customize buttons, and make a button for Playback Order - Repeat (track). You can  define a (global) keyboardcombo to it through Preferences > General > Keyboard Shortcuts)

Request for loop playing feature-

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Notice that how "seamless" a track can be repeated depends on the fileformat and encoder. For example, in the case of MP3, only files encoded with lame will be "true gapless" (this is not a limitation of foobar. MP3 itself has no "gapless" capability, but LAME adds some info the mp3 which makes this possible).
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Request for loop playing feature-

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okay,super great!
thanks a lot
both of you have quite important information i was missing - i am just about to fool around with the customize button configuration (but dont seem to get it right away)
so i will come back to you later on
thanks so far - 

Request for loop playing feature-

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fantastic - its there already - i thought it wasnt - cause i only went through prefs-- ooops!!
anyway,  im happy now 
- this is what i have

i made the button - its showing up when the mouse is over the very right of the transport bar

and the drop down menu right there saying ORDER and with the button i can set to REPEAT TRACK for looping

to go back to normal playing ive got to set it back to Default by the drop down entry

cool so far but

can i make  the button do all switching? (toggle loop on/off)
-it has no icon yet - what is the icon format?

thnx again

Request for loop playing feature-

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What I need is a feature that can loop from a selected point A to a selected point B within an audio track, like VLC has.

Request for loop playing feature-

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Request for loop playing feature-

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tonne, I made three icons (ICO files) for these three buttons (functions):

1. For Playback / Play or pause -> the white arrow icon named play.pause.ico, which I also use as my foobar systray icon, because I dislike the alien head icon. This plays or pauses the currently playing track and replaces three other buttons: Play, Pause and Stop.

2. For Playback / Order / Repeat (track) -> the r icon named replay.2.ico. This repeats the currently playing track in an endless loop until you click

3. For Playback / Order / Repeat (playlist) -> the a icon named replay.all.2.ico which repeats the entire playlist.

They can be downloaded from here (self extracting RAR archive file):

They have to be placed in the C:\Programs\...foobar...\icons folder. They are freely available to use by anyone.

I plan to create more button(s) for the user defined loop  foo_seek and I will post them here when they are done.

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