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Topic: Rack Amp + Racks/Rackbags Quesion (Read 1622 times) previous topic - next topic

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Rack Amp + Racks/Rackbags Quesion
Background: I plan to buy 2 pairs of either the Behringer Truth B2030P or B2030A (first is passive, second is active). The price difference between the active version and the passive version is about 200 EUR per pair... which means that for two pairs, we're talking about a 400 EUR price difference. So i am unsure about buying a seperate amp and going with the passive variant, or going with the active variant. Originally, i wanted to control all four channels seperately, but i did already come to the conclusion that i'm willing to sacrifice that and just wire the speakers in parallel (that means that the amp will run at 4ohms and needs to output at least 120 watts per channel).

Advantages of going passive:
- lower total price
- amp and speakers are seperate - with means that failure of one does not require replacement of the other.
- volume control possible without additional equipment (the speakers have no volume control)
- the passive variant was extensively tested by wmax.... i do however have little info regarding the quality of the amp in the active variant.

Problems of going passive:
- portability and robustness. I will not just use this system at home but also at small improvised events... which may also be outdoor. Besides of the annoying handling, i dont think that its such a good idea to directly place a normal amp directly or near the ground.
- again, portability - a seperate amp means one more thing to carry.
- amp & casing should be below 300 EUR.... else the price advantage is no longer attractive.

Other relevant info:
- If i go passive, then i just need a barebone amp, not more. I do not need multiple input-sources, EQ, etc - just an amp which can reliably drive speakers with at least 120watts @4ohms - and which accepts at least consumer plugs (XLR optionally would be nice, but should be an addition).

So, after a while i asked myself if a rackmount would possibly the answer. I can get a 2HE T-Amp S150 for 129 EUR. The remaining question just would be the rack itself. Since i do not know much yet about racks, my main question is heat: One of those Rackbags would of course be optimal for portability.... but what about heat - can i really use the amp while in a rackbag, without putting the amp at risk? The mentioned T-Amp is passively cooled, and has some "grilles" at the top - if it could run with the top completely covered by a rack or rackbag, then why are those grilles there in the first place? I mean, as far as i understand it, racks are meant to be stacked vertically, so how can in a rack any vertical air-circulation work reliable?

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Rack Amp + Racks/Rackbags Quesion
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Those are studio moni's and most of the time it's better to use a active system for that because the amp is made for the speaker.
In PA situations it's different ofcourse, then you just want power and a large seperate amp can provide that.
Besides it's much more portable.