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Columns UI appearance

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Mine keeps improving...

Specially with the latest WSH Panel Mod 

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Columns UI appearance

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a work in progress.

buttons ripped from Windows 7

anybody know how to make the rating stars look cleaner? font is Segoe UI Symbol.

Columns UI appearance

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Sylph, i'm using this theme:

here's a radio config i just threw together. it's working very well. but i can't think of a way to incorporate it with my main config, since i can't keep non-radio playlists from showing up...

to get colored playlist names, i just start playlist names with an actual color name (like Red Radio 1), then use $replace() to switch the name out for an $rgb() code

Columns UI appearance

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Something I've been working on this week...

Columns UI appearance

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my new config 

Columns UI appearance

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Any news on this?

Sorry, Pacman, my ass is still on fire, and there are few bricks left... But it is a rather simple layout, and I'm sure there is nothing you can't recreate. The album art is a simple $imageabs:

Code: [Select]

The info overlay is an $imageabs with a semi-transparent png and common titleformatting tags on top of the album art.

The mouse-over control cross is a combination of $imagebutton with commands but without images set + an overlapping huge button with an image but no commands (? when buttons overlap, both are executed).

The seekbar is really easy to make even if you aren't so much familiar with the WHS Panel Mod, you can even just remove the text from the default panel.

I'd really like to get back to it myself, but all this running around just kills the zen 

Columns UI appearance

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I made this one about a month ago. Clear & simple, just the way i love it.
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Columns UI appearance

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Really nice config! It's not typical or simplistic, yet very clean and seems practical.

ps. And Atom ™ rocks

Thx, you told me what I was trying to accomplish without knowing it in the first place. 

And yes, I love Atom Heart!

Columns UI appearance

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how exciting. 

Columns UI appearance

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I have made an minor update with the colour scheme and rearranged my ABX layout.

Album view with Ratings and Bitrate / Ratio columns displayed:

Singles view (playlists named "Shuffle*" or "name -s-" :

A possible Christmas No. 1 this year in the UK.

ABX view (playlists named "name -abx-"):

Sadly 320kpbs Mp3 is not good enough for The Man Machine, with my ears. Even the album artwork is riddled with compression artifacts.

You can get the config from this link.
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Columns UI appearance

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Windows 7 basic:

Columns UI appearance

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Windows 7.

not using ELPlaylist. Have no idea on how to do half of the scripting with it. Anyone mind helping?

here's something I wipped up really quick. It isnt my main one. The one above is.

It only works well if you have HUGE covers. Or if you make the window (proportionally) smaller.

playlist tab.

now playing tab.

Columns UI appearance

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I just have to say /mnt, wow, 894 kb/s???


Columns UI appearance

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when pasting large screenshots, poster should provide thumbs instead bloating the thread with their images (there are at least 10 out of proportion images only on this page)

consider laptop users or modem users or user not interested in your particular screenshot when posting

thanks for considering

Columns UI appearance

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Here is what i working on.

Columns UI appearance

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@ExtremeHunter : nice config project , except the font that i don't like (i prefer sans serif fonts )

keep the good work!

Columns UI appearance

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That looks pretty awesome indeed

Columns UI appearance

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To Falstaff:    I playing with different  fonts, not shore yet which one goes to the final version!

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