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Please note that most of the software linked on this forum is likely to be safe to use. If you are unsure, feel free to ask in the relevant topics, or send a private message to an administrator or moderator. To help curb the problems of false positives, or in the event that you do find actual malware, you can contribute through the article linked here.
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Forum usage guidelines

This forum is for uploading files only - everyone can attach files to their posts. Discussion should be kept separate and in another forum. Note that recent posts in this forum are not shown in the foobar2000 forum portal - this is on purpose.

Always make sure that you have permissions to redistribute everything that you include in your uploads. Any cases of piracy or other license violations will result in immediate removal of the offending file and a warning or even a ban for the user who uploaded it. If you are not sure whether you're allowed to post something, contact a member of forum staff first.

Bandwidth costs money. We're allowing you to put files on our server for free; use it responsibly and try to keep your uploads small. User-uploaded files using massive amounts of bandwidth may be removed by moderation in extreme cases. Consider using other sites to host large yet popular files such as visual schemes.
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