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Set ReplayGain or DSPs based on certain rules
While we're at the feature requests I often miss a way to automate some settings based on rules.

* A way to select replaygain mode if the current playing track is followed by the next track from same album (Zao made a nice component that relates rg mode with playback order, but it breaks the concept if you create a random playlist and plays it in default order)

* A way to select DSP presets based on different rules: It could be a certain tag or same rules as above (say I have an album that has seamless transitions, I don't want to crossfade, but any other albums or play modes i would). It might even be useful to disable certain DSP's with live-streams.

Also I'd like to see something to easily create playlist based on rules. Something much like playlist_tree, but I were unable to understand how to use it, and it seems very slow.
Can't wait for a HD-AAC encoder :P