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THE Digital Audio Wishlist

I've been probably using MP3's for 3 or 4 years now, actively using LAME for about a year, and using MPC (musepack) for about 4 months or so. Currently I have slowly started to test OGG. Over this time, I have quietly been coming up with a "wishlist" of stuff that I would like to see happen with lossy audio and the software tools we use with it. Here it goes:

1. Exact Audio Copy with the ability to on-the-fly use your decoder of choice, let's you enter in the required parameters, and burn the resulting WAV's onto CD-R's. My dream: being able to use the MAD plugin (or mppdec) to decode the mp3's to wav's on the fly from EAC. No more worrying about if the EQ is on and diskwriter is on.

2. A replaygain program for Musepack that is actually usable (ie: with a frontend). The ideal situation is to use the same type of GUI that MP3Gain uses. With MP3Gain, I love the ability to do a Radio Analysis, type a "91" and find out if any MP3's will clip right on the spot. If they will clip, then I can use a "90" or the "89" default and see the results right off. With replaygain currently, you can't do that. In fact, you can't really set the level you want ALL Musepack files to sound. And no, --auto does not cut it (I know you can set the volume higher without clipping) and I don't want to spend weeks figuring out how to set each MPC individually.

3. Even better, a way for Exact Audio Copy to call another program (ie: MP3 Gain/replaygain) after the file(s) are encoded and perform MP3 Gain or replaygain's magic right off. Takes away an extra step on the user's part.

4. A comprehensive web site with all of the information on MP3s, OGG's, and MPC's in one central location (for newbies and experts alike). The closest site that comes to this is r3mix's site...but it could definitely use a better design, more tutorials, and stay more updated. Project Mayhem is a great site, don't get me wrong, but pretty much all of the content is in the forums. You don't know how much time I have spent searching for stuff that should of been on an easy to find web page.

5. Ties in with about replaygain/MP3 Gain with OGG support?

6. A converter for different types of audio. Make it so you can enter multiple encoders/decoders with parameters. Wanna decode an MPC and encode it as a MP3? Set the decode option, select the MPC file, then select the output format and quality settings and click GO. That easy.

Any other wishes you have for digital audio formats like MP3, MPC, OGG, etc? Post them here and I will edit this list as suggestions come in. Developers, here is your chance to know EXACTLY what the users want.

I would write the software myself if I could...but I can barely write a Visual Basic program (ie: HELLO WORLD!), nevermind write software like MP3Gain. Web Site stuff, I can do though easly. I was even toying with the idea of launching my own MP3/OGG/MPC information/tutorial site.

- Chris