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Sennheiser HD580 headphones - faulty cable
Hi. I've had these little beauts since about 2001. I think I paid £150 for them. Anyway, the connector to the left can is playing up. I have found that this if fairly common and shouldn't have any problem getting a replacement  cable.

Three questions:

1 - As these headphones are getting on a bit now, should I replace them?
2 - If so, with what? (especially for folk who have owned the 'phones I have now, or are familiar with them).
3 - If not, does anyone know a reliable store in the UK who can supply a new cable affordably?

Many thanks


Edit: Clarity in question three.
Edit2: Question two addition.
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Sennheiser HD580 headphones - faulty cable
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Generally speaking, if the cost of repairing anything is more than 50% of its residual value (the $ it's worth NOW after depreciation, NOT what you paid for it originally), you should just replace the entire thing.

To find the current worth, search for it on eBay and see what people are willing to pay for it. Then do the math above.
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Sennheiser HD580 headphones - faulty cable
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My cable went out on my HD580s a couple years ago, and I bought an HD650 replacement cable.  The HD650 cable is much thicker and less flimsy.  They are both the same price where I got them ($25).

Here's some links:

Sennheiser HD650 Replacement cable
Sennheiser HD580/HD600 Replacement Cable

I'd say keep the HD580s, they sound great!  I think all of the newer Sennheiser non-audiophile series (and some of the audiophile ones) have plastic headbands instead of the metal one on the HD580.  IMO this is an important factor since I have stepped on the headband of mine a few times and would have snapped a plastic one.  If I was going to replace them, I only consider the HD650 or HD600 for this reason.

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Sennheiser HD580 headphones - faulty cable
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Oh and you can get the HD650 cable at Sennheiser's site for even cheaper, $11.75!

Now that I think of it I may have bought mine through Sennheiser.

Sennheiser HD650 Replacement Cable @ SennheiserUSA

Also in case I wasn't clear the HD580, HD600, and HD650 can all use the same cable.

Actually the following Sennheisers all use the same cable: HD265, HD445, HD525, HD535, HD545, HD565, HD580, HD600, HD650.

The primary difference other than cable thickness (and possibly an impedance difference) is the HD580 cable had the smaller mini stereo 3.5mm plug while the HD650 cable has a 1/4" plug