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True Lossless Audio TTA

can foobar encode in TTA directly? 
more or less, minus is best

True Lossless Audio TTA

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Just go to Preferences -> tools->Converter -> Encoding Presets and click "Add New".

then under Encoder select "Custom" and direct foobar to the path of your ttaenc.exe

True Lossless Audio TTA

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ok, thanks...but what are the command line preferences in TTA options?.
and the options for OPTIMFROG command line too?.

otherwise: can foobar encode directly in WMA (lossless or lossy) and the same for ALAC.

thanks again 
more or less, minus is best

True Lossless Audio TTA

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You seem to be asking questions just for fun, and not putting in any effort yourself.  I'd be more inclined to help if I was convinced that you really wanted to know the answers to all of these questions.

ttaenc.exe has very basic switches.  Run it on the command line to see.  Your foobar command line would look something like:

Code: [Select]
-e -o %d %s

OptimFROG, on the other hand, has many command line options.  Run it on the command line to see. A very simple example for foobar (which you could start with) would be:

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--encode %s --output %d

You can create WMA from foobar. Egor took the time to write this excellent explanation; it's just a shame that members won't put in a hundredth of the time to search the board to find it...

You should also be able to convert to ALAC in foobar using iTunesEncode.  IIRC the zip contains a readme with instructions.

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