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just tried it some minutes right now and everything seems to work as it should. very nice! so scaling down is the big task...  played around for some days now and making it fit to 320x240 works pretty good, besides getting the repeat-, foobar- and shuffle-buttons to be positioned under progress-bar. progressbar i scaled down to 75%, but then the knob will go beyond the bar (same with volume), guess i need to change some things in iphonenav.js? well, for now i just played with "now playing"-screen, of course playlist and especially browser-screen needs lot adjustment. its not that easy i thought it could be...


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Kev0: why don't you add an install file to your template? it will simplify addtion of template and its settings a lot (see example of install file in ajquery template). having a couple of screenshots wouldn't hurt as well.

I'll have a look at both of these if I get time.

I've made a version of Kevo 0.2.3 with an installer and updated readme for you:
I may fork this going forward a bit for myself as I have a Motorola Droid - the higher DPI FWVGA resolution makes some of the buttons teensy tiny, and it's a widescreen phone so it has a bit more height to work with, too. Thanks for your hard work, though - it's a pretty slick template!


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Good stuff droppedD.

It would be good if someone really clever sliced the CSS up into percentages! So it could scale to the screen size.


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is it only style.css - related? how about the touch/gestures-input? i mean, when changing the different values in style.css to make it fit most resolutions, dont we need to adjust the fields for different input too? i mean of course some of the picture (like the bars for progress and volume) need to be resized one by one for the different resolutions, as they wont be resized throught css, am i right?


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For the most part it will be the CSS.

Maybe the math function for the volume and Progress bar will need looking at, possible the reflection too.

I'm not completely certain what else, I'll look if I get chance.


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I started looking through the CSS to see how it would work with percentage values instead of px.

These are the files I've looked at so far incase anyone wants to pick up where I left off. Wont get chance to look again for a while.

Zip file of index.html, iphonenav.js and style.css

(This is a work in progress and by no means usable yet.)


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alexinc, does the interface work as it should on you device? The only issue is the scaling of it, on your screens resolution?

Great work, it's working a treat on my Moto Cliq (320 x 480 HVGA).


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Hi, I'm sorry if this has already been asked but I can't seem to make it work with my iPod Touch. Everything works well when I'm accessing foobar2000 on my laptop through Opera but when I try to use my iPod Touch as a remote, i get a message that says

Cannot Open Page
Safari cannot open the page because the server cannot be found.

Again, really sorry if there's already an easy fix to this that I have overlooked. Thanks in advance!


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I need some tutorial for "dummies" . I have no idea how to set this up...
Help please!



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I need some tutorial for "dummies" . I have no idea how to set this up...
Help please!

I got assistance from the developper, "oblikoamorale" directly (as an exception...). He got me right away on my feet. I hope that his answers will help the world of non-savies like myself:

right now you do not have to change anything in component preferences.
all you need to do is find out local ip address of your pc which runs foobar2000.
hit Start menu, choose Run. enter cmd in input field, and hit enter.
enter ipconfig in appeared black console window and hit enter again.
find the information describing your local area network connection in appeared wall of text. look out for the line looking like "IPv4 Addresss ........ : ip_address", where ip_address will be your local area network address. typically it looks like 192.168.X.X.

connect your phone to wireless network, open phone browser and navigate to address http://ip_address:8888/

This product is excellent and highly recommended!
Thanks to oblikoamorale and the others, who helped on this development!!!


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Extremely cool component!

I am using foobar on both a mac and a linux machine right now with winebottle/wine. Foobar works great. It would be cool to make this app work though. Any tips on making it work?

First problem for me is that the bind to "ip:8888" is not saving (after quitting preferences and opening again). I then changed http server home director to: /home/pontus/.wine/drive_c:/Program Files/foobar2000. This was automatically changed to \home\pontus\.wine\drive_c\Program Files\foobar2000 after quitting preferences and opening it again.


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First problem for me is that the bind to "ip:8888" is not saving (after quitting preferences and opening again).

cannot reproduce. maybe the problem is related to SysIPAddress32 control I use for the ip field which is not (fully) supported by wine, I don't know.

I then changed http server home director to: /home/pontus/.wine/drive_c:/Program Files/foobar2000. This was automatically changed to \home\pontus\.wine\drive_c\Program Files\foobar2000 after quitting preferences and opening it again.

uhh. yes, I agree, this kind of character replacement is pointless apparently, I'll get rid of it.


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thx. Do you know where it is saved so I can manually add the server ip? Also am I correct in trying the foobar directory as http home server directory?


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you don't have to enter anything into ip field. leaving it default blank makes component listen for connections on all available network interfaces.
home directory is the place where all component data (templates) are kept. defining server home directory is not required. if the field is empty, home directory is considered as %APPDATA%\foobar2000\foo_httpcontrol. don't know how it works on wine though.


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ok. picture getting clearer.

I use my settings in a portable environment (was reccomended for wine, dont know why really). so all my userdata is saved in programfiles/foobar2000 instead of users/user/appdata/foobar2000. Where should I put foo_httpcontrol then. Its currently resding in users/user/appdata/foobar2000.


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well, if you try to access component web page, you'll know for sure where component expects to find its data files.
but most likely, if you installed fb2k in portable mode, you have to put foo_httpcontrol_data folder to the directory containing foobar2000.exe.


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Thank you to everyone that is working in this... it is really what I needed to complete my setup at home.  The only issue I have is that I use a Windows Mobile phone (hopefully changing to the Droid soon, but damn Verizon will not let me get a good price for another year!). 

Anyway, I really like Kevs template, but it does not really fit too well on the Windows phone.  Does anyone know of a template that will work on a Touch Pro (VGA screen at 480X640).  I would be happy to try to update Kevs to work, but don't really have any coding experience, so was not sure how easy it would be to make it all fit correctly.

Thanks again.

EDIT - Adding this question:

I also have a number of live recordings in my collection.  The way I tagged these is I enter a DATE, VENUE and LOCATION rather than an ALBUM.  It works well for my setup and the %album% tag in Foobar looks at the %venue% tag I set... the only issue is, to really make sense, I would like to be able to see the %date% + %album%  in the now playing and in the playlist view.  Can anyone explain to me how to make this update in Kevs template?



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I'd like to know if anyone manges to get this working fully under wine?

I'd then be looking to see if I could get a sheevaplug, get it running wine and see if it works with a USB sound card.


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I'm having some problems understanding how the playlist tabs works in the ajquery template. I'm running foobar v0.9.6.9 and foo_httpcontrol 0.95.7 in firefox 3.5.5.

With only one playlist nothing happens when I click on the playlist tab. Searching in the web interface I get a playlist called "Query". Still nothing happens when I click on the playlist tabs.

How do I switch between playlists in the web interface?


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is it just me or multipage playlist can't be disabled anymore ?
When I set the value to 0, it is changed to 1


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Tobbe: playlist tabs are meant to switch playlists on simple mouse click. and it works fine on my testground: opera 10.10 and chrome 4 beta. can you make screenshots of web interface and template settings to clear things up?

vairulez: unlimited playlist sizes are disabled. set the number to the size of your biggest playlist to disable paging.


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It seems to work in Opera 10.00, but as I said, playlist switching doesn't work in Firefox 3.5.5. Song switching works, and Ctrl+Click works on both songs and playlist tabs.

Are those the screenshots you wanted, or is there something else you want to see?


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yes, thanks. it is peculiar that non-active playlist tab is not shaded in gray as it should. is there anything interesting appearing in firefox Tools/Error console window on page load?
anyway, I've just installed firefox 3.5.6 and my current non public version of ajquery seems to switch without problems. either try to update firefox or wait a bit for updated ajquery version. or both


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I upgraded to 3.5.6, but still have the same problem. So I guess I have to wait for your new version