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That Plugin is from a genius Oo I love it very mutch  But I've one Problem:

i forwarded my foo_httpcontrol Port 8887 with the so called "fritz box" to my pc and i've dyndns adress for easily connecting to that page.
But now the page is unsecure and everyone can have accsess to it (afraid of getting playlist changed while listening^^)...
so i look for a way of getting the whole thing working with .htaccsess-protection. I created the .htaccsess Files in the foo_httpcontrol_data folder, but the webserver doesn't run that directory... (i think there is some temp folder anywhere for the htdocs ?! So is there any way of implementing .htaccsess in it?

MfG Pyromane


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ok, I have no idea whether this will work on psp browser or not, but here you go, basic data retrieve based on lojax: lojax lib and example
if this works, you have everything to build your own, although simple, psp interface.

Pyromane: htaccess is not supported. use built-in means of restricting access by ip address or login/password.


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Ah, sorry i didn't noticed that you can use password without ip-restriction
But can you tell me, where is the htdocs-folder located from which the server starts the website or are all the fiels located in the memory?



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ok, I have no idea whether this will work on psp browser or not, but here you go, basic data retrieve based on lojax: lojax lib and example
if this works, you have everything to build your own, although simple, psp interface.

Pyromane: htaccess is not supported. use built-in means of restricting access by ip address or login/password.

Thanks for help. 

This doesn't work on the PSP browser  Nothing is display but other commands working.

But it's ok, I will search on my way, you doing all  you can.

Thanks you again and again.

Best regards.


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Oblikoamorale, there is the command to get the title of the song. I mean, when I want to have play, I send "?cmd=PlayOrPause&param1=".

There is a command for the HELPER1 ? I have a special "AJAX" like on the radio psp browser wich allow me to send something and I've another one wich allow me to get the result without refresh, but I dont' know if there is a commande for get the title playing.



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readme.txt quote:
Code: [Select]
       add: Parse cmd, parses param1 and returns result as
            request response. useful to check player
            state without requesting full blown state data or reloading the
            page, for example:


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Thanks for reply.

I try that
Code: [Select]
function get() {
return radio.sysRadioGetHttpGetResult();
function updateName(){
document.getElementById('titre').innerHTML = get().match(/title>(.*?)foobar/)[1];

Code: [Select]
<input type="button" style="position:absolute; left:150px;top:150px " value="test" onclick="updateName()"/>
<b id="titre">vide</b> </div>

Here is the function radio.sysRadiogetHttpGetResult and  radio.sysRadiogetHttpGet:

All I got in my  "vide" when I press the button test is "null".

Thanks for your help.

Best regards.


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personally I don't know how to solve PSP related problems, sorry. my only suggestion is http://myip/?cmd=Parse&param1=[HELPER1] indeed returns nothing (null) when foobar2000 is not playing or helper1 is not defined in component preferences.

by the way, you should consider using http://myip/?cmd=Parse&param1=[HELPER1]%20 to avoid getting null response.


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Ok, thanks.

I don't know too how to use this boring functions.

I try to ask help with that in appropriate forums.

Thanks again man .

Best regards.


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Obli, I know you don't know how the psp browser works, but I 've a question.

Now I can get the name of the song playing now. I'm happy, I do that in a day, tired but happy.

I send the command
Code: [Select]
and while the music play I get the name with other command.

I set my function to "setInterval('MYFUNCTION()',2000)" but when I change music, me or the player, the name is the same, he didn't change.

The function continue to ask the command again but the name doesn't change.

Do you have a little idea of what i've doing wrong ?

Thanks you.

Best regards.


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@ oblikoamorale:

I have started making my own templates. Most things are clear to me and I really love this component!

One thing, I didn´t find out is, how can I request and change tags that are not related to helpers or where no macros exist, in my case %rating% ?

Do I have to use the parse command in some way and if, how?


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it is not possible


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don't know how useful these additions are going to be, but here you go:
Thanks, oblikomorale!

I've been testing it and it works:  Using plugins RunCMD and Quicktagger (or PlaybackStatistics), it's now possible to set a %rating% tag for songs per foo_httpcontrol, and display the song's %rating% tag in the playlist.

^^ ah ok. I´ve asked because of this post long ago

...but didn´t want to use a workaround using another component


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ok guys, as i just started looking for a remote control solution for foobar using my pda, i discovered foo_httpcontrol. so first of all many thx for this great plugin! it seems to be more useful than controlling with upnp, as control units for pdas doesnt work that well for now.

now i came across 3 limitations i would like to solve.

first of all, im using it on htc touch cruise (qvga 320x240) with win mobile 6.5 and opera 9.7 and lxofith interface with the modded iphoneav.js for single-click gesture.

-is there any easy way to convert the interface to 320x240? i guess i have to decrease all the graphics, which wouldnt be a big problem. but anyone could/would help me in rewriting the css and all stuff around, so resized graphics would fit into the whole interface again?

-i can start playing tracks with single click from playlists, but when searching for a track in folder structure i cant select a track or start playing it. is this caused by the interface being for iphone and this is one of its limitations on pda?

-last but not least, album art is shown for the first track i select, but after switching to another track it still shows the art of the first ever selected track (only restarting computer will change that). if track has no art, it doesnt show any... so it already recognizes if tracks being played are having any art or not, but seems to cache only one picture!? could this be related to opera 9.7 or is there any other solution?

thx i.a.  alex

btw. yesterday i was fighting through all 25 pages..


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Hi all.

Obli, little question for you, again I know. Finally for get the [HELPER1] I use Iframe with refresh function, by redirecting with a page .html with this inside:

Code: [Select]
<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN">
<html><head><meta http-equiv="Refresh" content="0; url=http://my/?cmd=Parse&param1=[HELPER1]"></head></html>

The only little prob is I can't apply any king of police, color, size on the page obtain on my Iframe. There is any way to get the [HELPER1] on a page isn't on the index page (foo_httpcontrol_controls_tpl.html).

i.e my iframe target a page title.html <ich is on the same folder of the index contain:

Code: [Select]
<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN">
<body><p style:"..." >[HELPER1]</p></body>

I can acually get the strings of the HELPER1 on the iframe result with javascript, but it's really too slow and disturbing for my PSP.


Best regards.


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yes, you can ask component to process specific file instead of default foo_httpcontrol_controls.html:

by the way, why do you think you can't apply formatting in a single request? just urlencode everything in param1. this example shows bold red helper1 value:


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Thanks a lot, I will try that right now.

You're the man, very fast reply and very good support.

Have a nice day.

Best regards.

EDIT: it's working perfectly, very nice. Thanks.


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My iphone seems to choke on large playlists anyone else experiencing this? I have like 18k tracks in a few of them.


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do NOT receive all 18k tracks at once, as result is obvious. set playlist items per page option in preferences to a sane number, i.e. less than 100.


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It's me again.

But this time not for a question.

Just to say thanks you once more time Oblikomorale.

With you, and some devs on others forums(PSPGen), and IRC, I maked a perfect template for my PSP. Refreshless, fully fonctionnal, with my own button, background, and I even made with an old <marquee>, the title actually playing can move on a small area, jukebox like. ^^

I repeat, all of that without any refresh. I'm able to modify playlists, browse my directorys, etc... Only thing I cannot make work now is the playlist page, but I use iframes and with many titles in the playlist it's just perfect.

I got to work again for the icons and the entiere style of the template, but I'm on the way and no more js probs on my road.

Thanks many times for your help, I hope each of you will make this masterpiece plugin to work, it's worth time of work.

Best regards, and really sorry for my bad english.


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Thanks for this wonderful plugin, I use it daily!

One question though : From times to times, the foohttpcontrol interface (on XP) doesn't see my computer (Vista) in the network list even though I can connect to it and it can connect to me (using shares).
Refreshing does nothing usually but, after 10 minutes or so, it finally decides to force refresh and can see my computer.

Is this an issue with FHC? Can I force the refresh?

Sorry if this question has been answered already.


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nomad83: you're welcome.

crashtestcrummy: haven't seen such issues at all, although I had no chance to test browsing on a mixed xp/vista network. there is no specific network refresh interval, the refresh itself is initiated by user-side request only. I think I've done network stuff by the book without any fancy stuff, so I really have no clue what's going on.
to speedup refresh/access tries, you can try to add remote (vista) pc name to "Browse path" in component preferences, like that:
adding vista pc name/ip to %systemroot%\system32\drivers\etc\hosts won't hurt as well.


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@ crashtestcrummy: it´s likely an issue of the mixed XP/Vista network, especially when trying to get access TO vista PCs. Though I never experienced problems with httpcontrol, You might check all security settings on the Vista PC (firewall a.s.o.)



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Hi all,
I designed a mimic of my default foobar config for this httpcontrol component. I've primarily designed it to use on iphone/ipod touch as remote, so for desktop use it might be too limited.

I hope you like it and thanks to oblikoamorale for this great component!

Screenshot on ipod touch:

Download: link


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Very nice l4