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error: code 1, re-check parameters
so i have a bunch of ape files id like to convert to flac. i download the ape plugin and the player can now play the files without problem, but when i chose to simply convert to -> and pick flac, chose directory and start, i get an error code:

Error writing to file (Encoder has terminated prematurely with code 1; please re-check parameters) : file://F:\blabladirectory\Filename.flac

what and where are these parameters in the player? i have converted tons of other filetypes to flac before.

i have searched around but found nothing specific, so i just wanted to ask what this problem is?
if it has been posted and i haven't found it, maybe you can post a link to help? or if you know what this error code is, or if there is a site with explanations?

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error: code 1, re-check parameters
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Update your FLAC encoder to the latest version. In the FLAC encoding setting there is a button for that and put the encoder in the same directory as foobar2000.
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