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Panels UI: playlist problems
Hey, I've using foobar for ages, and I'v had my current config for a while.
But for some reason the playlist no longer changes when changing it via the playlist switcher - which is odd as I have the same configuration on my other system, and it works fine.

Anyway, some help would be ace.  I've already tried re-installing, but it makes no difference.

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Panels UI: playlist problems
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Which UI do you use? - my components for foobar2000

Panels UI: playlist problems
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I'm using Panels UI 0.13.8 beta, but I've never experienced problems with it in the past, and it does still work fine on my other system.

ah HA.  When you asked me that, I thought it could be a UI problem, and sure enough when I restored my Panels UI backup, everything worked again.

Silly me

Thanks man
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