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Customize toolbar buttons

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Hey CrazyCat!
Would u do me a HUGE favor and create these three buttons?

1. Playback Order: default
2. Playback Order: shuffle
3. Preferences

in the style of the round silver ones.
I tried to do it by myself but i failed 

Here is a button for i didn't create it. just transformd it to an icon format:

I use this button to create a Chart Playlist for the active selection (foo_scrobblecharts needed)

Customize toolbar buttons

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Just an Open icon for those who like the originals :

Customize toolbar buttons

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Yes! Finally found the tango icons. Thanks a bunch Strictly4me.

Customize toolbar buttons

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this is great! thanks!

Customize toolbar buttons

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Where are custom buttons stored after we customize them (appdata profile directory, foobar program directory)? Where can I find nice round buttons from old foobar?

I have created some:

Customize toolbar buttons

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This looks like a suitable old thread to necromance:

Does anyone know of a .ico set with two-letter combination glyphs? 16x16 yes (and those of us who remember the 80's, know that it is certainly possible).
... what for, you ask? I'd like “RG” for ReplayGain etc.