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DAE quality report on HP DVD Writer 300c

Firmware Version:    7H29
Serial Number:    PHCX07442C

Read offset correction:    +1292
Write offset:        +78
Combined offset correcting:    +1370
Lead-in:        Can't be detected with my current test cd. Since offset is positive it is not important.
Lead-out:        Yes, at least 1280 samples (can't be sure there is more data on the cd).
HTOA:        No

Test at full speed
Errors total        Num:    9009582
Errors (Loudness)    Num:    41641 - Avg :  -18.1 dB(A)  -  Max :  -6.4 dB(A)
Error Muting        Num:    1752 - Avg : 3082.1 Samples -  Max :  3584 Samples
Skips        Num:    0 - Avg :    0.0 Samples -  Max :      0 Samples

Total Test Result:    71.0 points (of 100.0 maximum)

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