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Masstagger & Cover Art Solution?

I love foobar, live it, breathe it, sell it door-to-door.  That said, one thing that's been frustrating me so far is that if I ever do mass renames, it doesn't drag the cover.jpg over with the file-renames to another folder.

Now I understand why this might be a technical challenge, seeing as how renames happen on a file-by-file basis.  I'm just curious if other people have similar issue and how they mitigate it.  Do you have to move it manually each time?  Is there a way of scripting mass-tagger to move cover.jpg too?

Any help would be great.

Thanks! - tech ramblings of a game programmer

  • Frank Bicking
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Masstagger & Cover Art Solution?
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In the old and no longer maintained masstagger component, set "do what" to "move entire parent directories, preserve structure and file names".

With the new file operations component in foobar2000 0.9.5, use the "move" operation, and enable "move entire source folder content".

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Masstagger & Cover Art Solution?
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Ah.  So I guess it's best to do it in two steps: rename my files within the directory they're in, followed by a renaming of the directory.  That makes sense, I suppose.

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Masstagger & Cover Art Solution?
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If you follow Frank's advice, the "Move to..." operation will do both steps at the same time.

Use the "File Name Pattern" textbox (inside the Move to... dialog box) to rename your files based on the files' tags. If all of your music in a directory is properly tagged, the files should all be properly named and moved to the same new directory.

Checking "Move Entire Source Folder Content" (inside the Move to... dialog box) will also move any misc. non-music files (album covers, etc...).

Checking "Remove Empty Source Folders" (inside the same Move to... dialog box) will delete the old directory for you automatically.

Edit: forgot a step.
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Masstagger & Cover Art Solution?
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Sorry for bringing back an old thread.
I'm trying to use the "Move Entire Source Folder Content" option to move .jpg and .zip files along with the tracks to a destionation folder.

This however is not working for me at all.
The tracks get moved as they should according to my pattern, but Foobar doesn't move the other files along with them.

I'm using Foobar 9.5.3

Any suggestions?

*EDIT* Nevermind, I'm moving tons of files and didn't notice that those files will all be moved at the end!
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