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Change notification area icon / stop after current

  I just upgraded from v0.8.2 and was trying to get v0.9.4.5 to look like it.  I can't try the latest v0.9.5 ones since I don't run XP.  This leads me to 2 questions:

1) Am I missing something or is the slider to change systray icons not in  I see where to use a custom icon under "Display -> Default User Interface", but no more slider to pick between the built in set.

2) I would like to add "Stop After Current" to my right click menu in the playlist, but I dont see where I can do this.  I checked under "Display -> Context Menu", but none of the playback commands are options to insert.

The only reason I upgraded was to be able to play .ac3 files.

Thanks for any help!

-Turns out the original version I was using was v0.8.2 not 8.3
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