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VBR resampling under linux?
I'm positive this had to have been discussed before but after much searching I've come up empty handed.

Several years ago I ripped my CD library with lame using the --preset extreme flag.  I just got an ipod and now I would like to reencode / resample that library using the suggested  -V4 --vbr-new for my ipod.  How do I do this?  Any fancy scripts out there to recreate the directory structure under a new "home" folder and do the resample?


VBR resampling under linux?
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This is not a resampling, but a reencoding job (as you wrote first). Transcoding from lossy to lossy is discouraged, but if you need it, I'd suggest foobar2000. But just using your old MP3s should be safe. Quality can only be worse afterwards. Or do you want to re-rip your CDs?

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VBR resampling under linux?
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A secure audio ripper for linux:

VBR resampling under linux?
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For Kde (QT):

Thanks, just what I was looking for. Hope I can remember it until I get back to my linuxmachine...