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Transcoding for iPod
Hi Everyone.

Not really been on this forum much since 2005/6ish so i'm very very behind on the latest developments of the mpc format. I currently have about 20Gb of mpc files, and as you've probably guessed from the topic title i've just been brought an ipod classic for christmas.

I basically need to transcode all of these files to work on my ipod. I want the best possible quality i can get that will play on both my ipod, and within windows. I'm assuming AAC/M4A would be my best target format?right? or would lame at -V 0 be ok?

I also need some sort of tool that will do everything for me in one big batch. Any suggestions? Download links would be great too

Thank you!

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Transcoding for iPod
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for the best possible quality you'd have to re-rip and not transcode. but if you're willing to compromise a bit of quality for convenience, either nero aac, itunes aac or lame at or above 192kbps should do the trick. foobar2000 can do the transcoding for you.

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Transcoding for iPod
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Rockbox the Ipod firmware and you have MPC support.
wavpack 4.8 -b4x4s0.75c

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Transcoding for iPod
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Agreeing with Rockbox.

If you are unwilling to do that, then my second recommendation: rerip. I am a fan of EAC.

Finally, FooBar2000 can do a batch process.
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OP can't edit initial post when a solution is determined  :'-(

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Transcoding for iPod
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i've just been brought an ipod classic for christmas.

unfortunately the ipod classic is not yet supported by rockbox.

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Transcoding for iPod
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which classic did you get?  20gb is a fairly small collection.  if you have the 160gb, why not rerip and archive most of the ones you really like into ALAC lossless.  You'd have the benefit of lossless AND tags, and it is more or less future-proof even if you have to transcode. i found this out the hard way.