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foo_rating Substitute
This is my playlist with foo_columns

After foo_rating has been banned, I searched for an alternative way to tag and rate my music which should be compatible with the rating done with foo_rating.

This is how I did it:

1. Installed QuickTagger

2. Configured Quicktagger to be able to tag RATING from 1-5

3. Configured Columns UI to show RATING like this

Code: [Select]
$ifgreater(%rating%,0,♥, )))))

4. Configured keyboard shortcuts to set the rating fast

This worked for me.

Now, you can set the rating of the currently marked song by just pressing 1,2,3,4,5 or 0 to your preference. Of course, you can replace the hearts with dots or anything else (just have a look at the Character Map). This tagging is compatible with how foo_tagging tags the music. With columns_ui, one can sort by rating.

It is a bit complicated to change the rating without the keyboard. Normally: Right click => Tagging => Quick Tagger => Set Rating to... => ...
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foo_rating Substitute
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You can simplify your code to:

Code: [Select]

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foo_rating Substitute
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Good work.
I don't like to open sub-sub-sub menu by using Quick Tagger.It's not so quick.
I use " tagger window " by cwbowron's foo_cwb_hooks with Columns UI.
Keyboard support is fine.

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foo_rating Substitute
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Code: [Select]
$blend($rgb(255,0,0),$rgb(0,255,0),%rating%,5) $repeat(♦,%rating%)

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foo_rating Substitute
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Or you could use the Playback Statistics component, that has built-in support (and context menus) for rating and the ability to store it in it's own database instead of writing to files all the time.
Can't wait for a HD-AAC encoder :P