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DirectShow Filters for Musepack SV8
Hello people,

there are new DirectShow filters available for playback of Musepack SV8 files.
Both splitter and decoder filters are in early stage of development and
need proper testing. Please take your time and report any bugs, hints or
ideas you may find.

Right now the splitter will only open SV8 files without tags.
Support for SV7 files is on the TODO list as well as support for
less-precise seeking for files without seeking table.
These new filters can operate along with the old RadLight MPC decoder
so you don't need to wory about incompatility issues.

Both filters are compiled as 32-bit binary under visual studio 2005 SP1
so you may need to download the redistributable package from microsoft
to be able to use these filters (this includes even thouse running a x64 system)
The package is 2.6 mb large and can be downloaded at this page :;displaylang=en

Splitter and decoder can be downloaded at my new
blog website, where they are updated on a regular basis :

have the force, read the source

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DirectShow Filters for Musepack SV8
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Just what I need for my work colleagues PCs who refuse to use foobar, thank you