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AMG scraper for tagging (like foo_discogs)

I have Googled an AMG-based tagger, but I have yet to find one.

I think it would be great because most albums on AMG have "Mood" and "Style" data that could be stored and used to recommend music in (or out of) your collection. It would be better than Discogs because it is maintained by a company rather than a community and has a larger database.

I have heard rumblings that Tag & Rename and MP3Tag have scripts/plugins/something that allow them to scrape AMG. Has anyone heard of anything like that? Is anyone interested in developing an AMG plugin?

If the creator of foo_discogs shares his (or her) source code, it might not take a long time to develop one.

AMG scraper for tagging (like foo_discogs)

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Both MP3Tag and The Godfather can parse the AMG site using 3rd-party scripts which will allow you to tag your files with the fields you are interested in.  Since AMG offers a premium paid service called Lasso that you can license to obtain this data via API, it is not something that they allow other applications to hook into for free.  This is why HTML-parsing scripts must be used to scrape the data from the release pages.  A foobar plug-in to do the same would be great  but given the fact that there are working alternatives in other freeware apps i doubt there is enough interest to drive demand.  Never mind the fact that parsing HTML is usually a hassle that devs don't want to be bothered with.

AMG scraper for tagging (like foo_discogs)

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Due to my poor english i do not really understand what "Lasso" is. There is yet no tool that uses it for fetching data from AMG? (I think i would even pay money for that service under certain circumstances)

AMG scraper for tagging (like foo_discogs)

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dbpoweramp offers AMG service

AMG scraper for tagging (like foo_discogs)

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I don't think that Lasso is available for personal licensing.  I think it is more intended for use by companies to license for metadata lookup services for application software.  I believe Windows Media Player 11 and dbPoweramp (registered version) use the Lasso service from AMG to look up tags.  There is more information on the product page:  AMG Lasso .

AMG scraper for tagging (like foo_discogs)

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Yeah I think dBpoweramp just licenses access to the All Music Guide database...

AMG scraper for tagging (like foo_discogs)

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WMP11 uses it for tagging and metadata lookup. I think AMG also has their own free tool somewhere, but I suddenly can't find it.
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AMG scraper for tagging (like foo_discogs)

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I use mp3tag to do this. The problem is that they were told to get rid of it. So unless you know someone who can send you it you won't be able to get it.
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AMG scraper for tagging (like foo_discogs)

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I did some digging and worked out that Windows Media Player uses a simple, HTTP-based protocol for retrieving CD metadata. What's more the protocol is documented in a patent application: Metadata retrieval protocols and namespace identifiers

It's easy enough to write a tagger using this service.

Here's a rough and ready script to retrieve the metadata from in XML format:

Code: [Select]
ARG="`cdparanoia -Q 2>&1|
awk \
  'NF==8 {b[n++]=$4+150; end=$4+$2+150;}
   END {printf("", n);
          printf("+%X", b[i]);
        printf("+%X\n", end);}'`"
wget -q -O - $ARG

n.b. you can even preview the metadata record XML in your web browser (I'm using Firefox), e.g. This random CD.

By the way, while WMP uses AMG data, the metadata also comes from a number of other sources, including user-entered data. I suspect it's different to AMG's Lasso service.

The XML record doesn't include the complete AMG metadata associated with the disc. Interestingly, the AMGClassical-sourced records don't contain complete performer information. But there is an AMG id included, so you could pick up the missing fields by screenscraping if you wanted to.

AMG scraper for tagging (like foo_discogs)

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i would be interested in some kind of script that could be manually run on the browser window for an album to snag the the Styles (and possible Mood, Theme), then maybe copy to the clipboard in the proper format for Mp3Tag.  Applying the \\ and removing the spaces surrounding /'s.

    * Heavy Metal
    * Alternative Pop/ Rock
    * Alternative Metal
    * Rap-Metal

Converting to:
Heavy Metal\\Alternative Pop/Rock\\Alternative Metal\\Rap-Metal

Not much of a coder myself, so I've just been doing this approach manually using copy/paste + notepad ;-)

i do recall looking for the Script for Mp3Tag, but Florian was forced to remove it from his site due to Ceast & Desist letters from AMG.  Violation of TOS.

AMG scraper for tagging (like foo_discogs)

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I made a simple php script that will convert the info as copied from AMG. It's nothing fancy, but it sure beats having to do it by hand.

AMG scraper for tagging (like foo_discogs)

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I made a simple php script that will convert the info as copied from AMG. It's nothing fancy, but it sure beats having to do it by hand.

awesome, thanks.  definitely a time saver.
finally got a minute to try it out.

any chance the converter code could remove trailing spaces after /.

Beastie Boys
Code: [Select]
    * Golden Age
    * Alternative Pop/ Rock
    * Alternative Rap
    * Old-School Rap
    * Hardcore Punk

Sarah McLachlan
Code: [Select]
    * Alternative Pop/ Rock
    * Adult Alternative Pop/ Rock
    * Alternative Singer/ Songwriter
    * Pop/Rock
    * Contemporary Singer/ Songwriter

thanks for the efforts.

AMG scraper for tagging (like foo_discogs)

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The Godfather works great and pretty much use it as my default tagger with an AMG script. Too bad it hasn't been developed for a few years. I also use Mp3tag for those quick edits. I can really kick myself in the rear for not backing up my AMG scripts from mp3tag and of course cannot find in anywhere. 

AMG scraper for tagging (like foo_discogs)

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any chance the converter code could remove trailing spaces after /.

Good idea - I'll have a look at it.

Edit: Done.
Also just saw that you actually asked for this in your first post

AMG scraper for tagging (like foo_discogs)

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I use foo_discogs now and while it is great, I would love if there was a similar plugin for AMG!  I find AMG to be a much more complete list of albums and is much more accurate (in terms of genres, styles, moods, etc.).

If there are any developers out there that want to create such a plugin I for one would be very grateful!  I can't code, but I have a large music collection and would be more than happy to help with any testing of an AMG tagger!


AMG scraper for tagging (like foo_discogs)

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Sorry to bring an old topic back to life.
I also use AMG to tag all my tracks. It's especially useful for Classical music, there is no other Metadata service remotely close.

I've been using super-complicated scripts to scrape the AMG site via The Godfather, but lately, it's become really unreliable. It seems that I have a lot of trouble loading complete webpages. I suspect that the AMG server is somehow aware that I'm scraping and serving me garbage pages.

I would love for a solution that would give me full access to the AMG metadata information through some kind of easy-to use API. I would pay for that. In fact I already pay for dbpoweramp, but it's extremely limited in its ability to fetch info from AMG (only works when ripping from CDs, very little information is retrieved and very little control on the tagging process)

Better yet, I would pay for a plugin for Foobar that grabs that magically grabs the meta-data on the fly so that I don't need to worry about tagging

On a side note, I'd like to see if MP3Tag is more reliable at scraping, if anyone still has the AMG script, I'd love it if you would PM. I  really don't feel like coding from scratch and having the original script would give me a much better idea of how scripting in MP3Tag works.

AMG scraper for tagging (like foo_discogs)

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Is there any interest in anyone designing a plugin that would scrape AMG?  Mediamonkey is capable of parsing AMG (allmusic) field data through a script, but using mediamonkey makes my head hurt from frustration.  The sample mediamonkey script is available at  I don't think its possible to create custom tags in mediamonkey, which would be the simplest route of adding STYLE, MOOD, and THEME tags.  Mediamonkey parses the data from the HTML but puts them in tags that foobar sees as part of the COMMENT tag.

AMG scraper for tagging (like foo_discogs)

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I just updated the tool at

It now properly handles recent versions of Firefox.
It's no longer necessary to specify the input format.
It's become optional if you want to strip spaces around /'s.
And it's now possible to use ' / ' as a delimiter, without it being mangled.

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