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mpc quality analyzer & EAC
Got some more questions for ya...

I'm currently using mpc 1.16 and EAC .99 prebeta 3 with AccurateRip.

I'm wondering if there is a way to have EAC work like this with MPC and AccurateRip.
also, please forgive me if the order doesn't make sense... just work with me ;^)

Insert CD
Grabs freedb nfo

*Analyze the CD for a MPC Quality Level that has the most quality/compression
---I ask this because I keep reading that some tracks are more complex sometimes requiring higher than 5.

*Apply the quality levels found

Burst Rip cd
Check AccurateRip for confidence

*For tracks not confident, Re-Rip in Secure Mode

*Check for confidence

*Include a log that covers the whole process.

I'm wondering if the community know if this is possible if EAC plugins/command line para AND/OR if there are 3rd party programs to do that?

Hope I ya'll followed, if not please ask me.


PS: In Foobar for the Codec Profile it says:

Codec Profile : Musepack 'Extreme' (when I set quality 6)

I want:

Codec Profile : Musepack 'Q6" or "Quality 6)

Anyone have an idea?
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mpc quality analyzer & EAC
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I am sure there is no auto-quality detector ! This is what a good vbr psymodel already does..BTW - Don't believe what you read that MPC needs more than Q6 'Xtreme' because you will not find even a small collection of samples that people can easily tell apart.

To change foobar profile I think you will need to modify the decoder.
wavpack 4.8 -b4x4s0.75c

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mpc quality analyzer & EAC
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<kidding mode on>

I have a button on the bottom left part of my screen that says "Start". I want it to say "I'm the F*kng boss".

</kidding mode off>

There's a difference between changing an option and coding an action. MPC was coded to be "quality 6 -> preset extreme", and the decoder made for foobar to play mpc's followed this.

If you want to ask the plugin coder to have that, either hardcoded (doubt it), by a setting in the configuration, or by showing both.... It's up to him.

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mpc quality analyzer & EAC
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no you'll just have to modify the code that detects the profile used and the text it displays after detection. it is located in the header.