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Default UI Gallery
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Wow, there are so many nice setups here!
The one I use is simple, but does everything that I want to do.

  • Quarck
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Default UI Gallery
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  • saivert
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Default UI Gallery
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Here's mine:

(click image to enlarge)

Text Display titleformatting code:
Code: [Select]
%album%[ '('%date%')']$crlf()
$div(%filesize%,1048576).$num($muldiv($mod(%filesize%,1048576),100,1048576),2) MiB)

$get('file') | )
[%codec% | %bitrate%kbps | %samplerate%kHz | %channels%]$crlf()

Here is the preset:
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  • addict
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Default UI Gallery
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Updated mine. Replaced some autoplaylists by facets and changed the statusbar/title format.


Composer (for classical music):

Date added:

Facets column codes:
Code: [Select]





Decade (only '70s, '80s & '90s):
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Default UI Gallery
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aha heres mine

  • tihomir
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Default UI Gallery
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here is mine...

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Default UI Gallery
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here is mine. i made extensive use of the custom buttons.

thanks peter for this wonderful piece of software and thanks everyone who contributed with plugins, graphics, setups and even just screenshots. you have to put some work in it but to me this is fantastic. you get something out of your work that works in ways hardly accomplishable by other players.

Default UI Gallery
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  • Lebon14
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Default UI Gallery
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Holy... I didn't know that foobar was so customizable!
It replaces complety PanelsUI (at least for me).
(Warning : 1920x1200 resolution picture)

High-resolution doesn't help to setup a theme T_T
Well, at least, I have something awesome here.  My music collection is such a mess... so the library is not there... I will need to make something about that and also add for, every albums, the cover art and sometimes, I think I will fail to find any because I have such rare albums...

Anyway, if anyone wants me to export my theme, just ask.
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  • starchaos
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Default UI Gallery
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Just something simple and easy.
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  • KrimzonP
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Default UI Gallery
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Here is my updated Default UI. Took me a while to get everything right, but I couldn't stop playing around w/ the Layout Manager.


Default UI Gallery
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this is mine

  • EDzior
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Default UI Gallery
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This is how my foobar2000 looks like :

  • TomBarlow
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Default UI Gallery
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3 column view, vaguely inspired by the Zune layout mentioned in another thread. (One day maybe I'll have album art in facets (it is planned!) and I will have the same as the Zune layout... one day, one day...)

Default UI Gallery
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  • igndenok
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Default UI Gallery
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my DUI !?

  • tboneDX
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Default UI Gallery
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here's mine

  • PeterMac
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Default UI Gallery
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  • ~*McoreD*~
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Default UI Gallery
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Here is my Default UI with Facets

and other basic dlls.

  • sinfony
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Default UI Gallery
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Playlists / Playing.  I keep it simple.

  • lokioki
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Default UI Gallery
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simple and effective dui, suits me perfectly 

  • start78
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Default UI Gallery
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1600x1200 screen resolution is fun!

Foobar2000 + Facets + Text Display + ReplayGain Override is all i need right now...

Album Art is shown in 300x300 px.
Text Display font size and Playlist colums witdhs are oriented on the longest title i got in my media library ("Wir sind Helden - ich werde mein leben lang üben, dich so zu lieben, wie ich dich lieben will, wenn du gehst").
Status bar display format etc. still needs tweaking...

  • jeremija
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Default UI Gallery
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i just fell in love with the default ui

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  • starchaos
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Default UI Gallery
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All artist images and bio is manually done (there is no plugin or anything to do it, as far as I know)

  • kopf
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Default UI Gallery
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cropped screenshot

very minimal, very like one of the default foobar examples.. works a treat - sredzkistraße