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Known issues in 1.1.17 and feature proposals

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Open issuesIssues fixed in 1.1.17
  • Bug: Unable to convert online streams with Converter.
  • Bug: Rare crash with "full file buffering" enabled.
Issues fixed in 1.1.15
  • Incompatibility: shell integration non-functional in Windows 8.
Issues fixed in 1.1.11
  • Bug: Certain WAV files become unusable after tagging.
Issues fixed in 1.1.10Issues fixed in 1.1.9
  • Bug: ID3v2 handling regressions.
Issues fixed in 1.1.7Issues fixed in 1.1.3-1.1.5
  • Crashing while playing on new AMD processors.
  • Various 1.1.3/1.1.4 regressions.
  • Pointless warnings when trying to do a complete configuration reset without having used specific components such as Playback Statistics.
Issues fixed in 1.1.2 beta 4
  • Bug: mmdevapi.dll crash when foobar2000's output is set to "primary sound driver" and the system default audio playback device changes.
Issues fixed in 1.1.2 beta 2
  • Bug: Media Library initialization getting stuck - typically a result of having your foobar2000 configuration folder inside your watched folders.
  • Bug: Media Library configuration getting reset when upgrading from a version older than 1.1.
  • Various bugs prevent freedb lookups from working.
Issues fixed in 1.1.1
  • Bug: Closing the Preferences dialog in certain conditions may lead to a crash.
  • Bug: Certain scenarios produce nonsensical directory enumeration results and lead to infinite recursion crashes.
Issues fixed in 1.1
  • Bug: Matroska files using header stripping (default in new mkvmerge) are not readable.
  • Bug: Written ID3v2.3 tags may contain ID3v2.4 frames in certain cases when the file originally contained an ID3v2.4 tag.
  • Bug: Rare crash when decoding specific Musepack files.
Issues fixed in 1.0.3
  • Incompatibility: ASX files written by WMP with incorrectly escaped & characters are not parsed.
  • Bug: Even more incorrect notification area icon minimize behaviors.
  • Bug: Incorrect behaviors with both "cursor follows playback" and "playback follows cursor" enabled.
  • Incompatibility: Problems with encoding long audio streams with to Vorbis.
  • Bug: Very rare crash when using the Media Library preferences page.
Issues fixed in 1.0.2Issues fixed in 1.0.1 final
  • Bug: Incorrect handling of relative paths in M3U files on HTTP servers.
  • Bug: Cannot seek anymore when playback is about to stop as a result of end-of-playlist condition.
Issues fixed in 1.0.1 beta 1

Known issues in 1.1.17 and feature proposals

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Discussion and feature proposals

This list contains features that have been requested so far. It is not a to-do list; features that are going to be implemented are explicitly marked as such.
  • Core
  • Default User Interface
    • Feature: Visibile indication of whether the option controlled by a toolbar button is enabled or not.
    • Feature: Visible indication of stop-after-current being enabled or not, without having to access the menus.
    • Feature: Disabling menu toolbar won't implement
    • Feature: Hide the status bar won't implement
  • Playlist view
    • Feature: Per playlist group mode settings in playlist view
    • Feature: Color and tab rendering in custom columns
    • Feature: Different colour for now playing song in the playlist view
    • Feature: Disable sorting when clicking on columns headers won't implement
  • Album art viewer (Discussion)
    • Feature: Set stub image to display instead of "[multiple items]"
    • Feature: Only display art for playing track (don't follow selection)
  • Album List
    • Feature: Option to hide the root node (labeled "All Music") won't implement
    • Feature: Option to hide subitem count
  • File Operations  (Discussion)
    • Feature: Use source directory as destination directory (Partially possible using "Rename".) won't implement
    • Feature: Display directory chooser dialog when using a preset without destination directory from the context menu
    • Feature: Configurable entries in the file name pattern selector
    • Feature: "Delete folder" command.
  • Properties dialog
  • Spectrogram visualisation (Discussion)
    • Feature: Configurable frequency range
    • Feature: Configurable update speed
    • Feature: Display difference between left and right channel(s)
    • Feature: Display guide lines for specific frequencies
  • WavPack support
  • Converter
    • Feature: Option to delete source files upon successful conversion.

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