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Porting my toolbar to 0.9.5
I have tested my QuickSearch Toolbar with 0.9.5 and it basically seems to work as an independent window (available from the Library Menu).

It was also working as a panel, and declared in this regard as an UI extension
(class quicksearch_extension : public ui_extension::window)

I would like to get some help in reimplementing it as a "native" toolbar that would thus be available in the standard UI as a toolbar or within/through a toolbar header in layout editing mode.

Thanks for your answer.
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Porting my toolbar to 0.9.5
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I don't have an answer for you, sorry. But if you update your quicksearch, i'll be very happy. It's really a great plugin, and I can't have my Foobar without it. Luckily enough I can still open it in a seperate window, but that kills my beautiful config.

Good luck on converting.