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Archival quality with vorbis?
It's likely that vorbis and oggenc are still too young for this question to be very meaningful, but I'll ask it anyway:

If I want to rip and ogg-encode my CDs, make sure that I don't have to do it again (even when I get better equipment) and not waste too many bits, what settings should I use?  Someone over at seems to have put a lot of effort into testing various LAME settings with golden-eared listeners and high-end gear, and they think that the result is 'archival quality', i.e. good enough that you can chuck the original CDs without fear that you'll ever be able to hear any deficiencies in the compressed versions (at least, none that weren't on the CD to begin with).

Are there any similar recommendations for vorbis?


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Archival quality with vorbis?
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I'm curious about this too...

Maybe a quality chart of some sorts would be helpful (could be included with OggEnc) that lists which quality setting is recommended for what purpose (ie. streaming, archiving etc.)