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Using a makefile to maintain a lossy library

I am currenly running parallel libraries of FLAC (for Slim Devices SB3) and AAC for iPOD. Using FB2k has made this possible, but not necessarily convenient.

The main problem I would like to overcome is that I have to manually keep track of which FLAC libraries have been converted, and that leads me to use a scrach area to build increments to my library and to run a SyncToy job to add those increments (using the "Contribute" sync model) to the main library collection. There are altogether too many manual process steps. (Not helped by the fact that I also use AtomicParsley to add the album artwork for the MP4 files).

Well, on reflection, this is pretty much classic build management which should be easy to automate using a makefile.  So the only thing I am missing is a command-line tool to convert FLAC to AAC while preseving all the tags that exist in the FLAC file, plus adding a JPEG artwork tag as well. It seems I could build this out of various metaflac commands to grab each tag, decode to WAVE using flac and use the Nero AAC encoder, with either its companion tagger or AtomicParsley to retag the resulting MP4 file. Very doable, but quite tedious, especially as regards getting the tag mapping exactly correct.

Has anyone got a pre-baked solution to the command-line conversion problem? That would save me a bunch of time. 

I am willing to share the working makefile when I have it.


Re: Using a makefile to maintain a lossy library

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I’m thinking about doing this as well
Was there any progress in this area?